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  1. I made a 2mm thick carbon fibre one same idea wider when I fitted to my matte cort mbc1. Have you got yours working. Mines all wired but I dont think my Boss katana 50 amp will use it. Any idea cabling up to my Kaosillator would help.
  2. Hi guys. Has anyone not received still. My wife ordered one in September for my only xmas present. Still no sign although payment taken from credit card. Bank said check customer service but that's vague so far no replies from email. Her log on details lost too. No tracking advice sent. I'm in UK so where do they send from and service. Bought from Muse.mu not other source. Happy xmas to all Albie
  3. I managed to get 4 tickets. TBH I couldn't believe my luck. Used the link for Gigs and tours and just sat there. 10:09 I was giving up TBH and went on Ticketmaster and got 4 straight like that. Dont think price was much more if any. I am going to my 3rd gig with my partner and both my girls. One of them who has never been got me into Muse 8 years ago and has alway been out of the country. This time she is here and the happiest girl in the world right now.
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