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  1. I'm so sorry I've been so long! How have you been?!


    Did they enjoy their time in Vancouver? If they stopped by Granville Island there is a chance I could have served them or something :chuckle:. How did your internship go?


    Simon did get his number retired after all :happy:. And the banner that has his name and number at BC Place Stadium is right behind my seats! And yeah, all-time leading receiver for the CFL.

    This season we've got a new team, Ottawa Red-Blacks (a pretty bad name if you ask me :chuckle:) in the East, and Winnipeg switched over to the West so there are 5 teams in the West and 4 in the East. We're 4th in the West so far and the season is over in a few weeks - but because of the difference in number of teams between W/E, if our final record is better than the 3rd place in the East, we can do something called a crossover in the playoffs and take their place in the East Division Playoffs! We're right on pace for that, although Winnipeg who is in 5th is doing pretty well too, and the East teams are playing better now, so it's getting really close. The Grey Cup is in Vancouver again this year so we'll see what happens D:


    How was Belgium? Or are you still there? :awesome:


    Breaking Bad was pretty great. Hank was a really good character! Yeah it didn't end well for him :(. Right now in terms of current shows I'm watching Supernatural, Modern Family, Flash, and American Horror Story. I just finished watching some older shows too, like Death Note - you should try it! If you are feeling like a dark, and very clever/smart show :awesome:.

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