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  1. I know what you mean! Things are so busy right now for me too. But school is probably ending pretty soon for you, right? Good luck on all your exams and papers!


    Baseball is always something to look forward to! Ahaha I see what you mean, you're right. I remember when the Lions played the Western Final and all the sports analysts were picking them to win... and you can probably guess who one in the end.


    Sounds like you do deserve the break! Any plans so far? We've only had two weekends of snow in months, and it never stuck around for long. It's crazy how much snow you guys have been getting from what I've heard.


    I just started watching House of Cards on Saturday... and I'm into season 2 now :chuckle:. It's VERY good and Kevin Spacey is amazing. Frank does so many horrible things but I keep wanting him to succeed... D:


    I was able to find them! And they were very surprised. I've gone back several times since then, especially a few times over reading break since I had such a lighter schedule. They're probably sick of seeing me :chuckle: BUT I would say I'm a respectful fan and they do recognize that.

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