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  1. I'm very late in saying so but thank you!!! :happy:


    School's been so busy for me. How about for you? I've actually decided to drop a course for the first time. It's going to mean I do my degree in 5 years instead of 4 now. Oh well, I'd rather get better grades and understand what I'm learning than make a race out of it and just be able to say I did it in 4...


    It sounds like a better season that last year, though, for the Rams! And it's good that they showed they could win against good teams, that's promising. Yeah it's weird, that's happened before, about being able to win against good teams and losing against weaker ones. Hope the quarterback is better now.


    I started school in the first week of January. Winter break was really low-key and I really miss it :chuckle:. Lots of nice dinners, sleeping in, playing games with friends.... it was nice! How was yours?


    X-Files! That's on my list to watch since Supernatural makes so many references to it, and it's such a cult classic! Doctor Who... I've seen a few bits of episodes but never really got into it. But man is it popular. I hope you like it!

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