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  1. Expensive as tits but in the grand scheme of things I paid £190 odd plus £130 for a hotel to see them at Download with my other half. And its my birthday that week, bring it on
  2. Anyone got a good idea on how to get there for the day from Manchester? Id really like some advice and where would be good to get a hotel too as I'll have to stay over on the Saturday Cheers!
  3. I don't think this has been posted yet, but Ive been showing this to everyone at uni all day because it looks fucking ace at 1 minute 10 or so when the lights hit the crowd at the perfect time. Plus I managed to work out where I was cos I could see my phone :musesign::musesign:
  4. I think after the gig it will still be running maybe a bit less regularly? Id check the Stagecoach website
  5. I got to the MEN a few years ago at 11am, French fans put a number on my hand to try and guilt me into queuing in a number order. It all went to shit by around 5pm when everyone was getting in the venue. Theres also no point numbering when people have to queue and wait for other people who are on the same card as them (like me!) :muse sign: Its all gonna be madness (haha) when we get in anyway!
  6. Manchester academy is pretty small. Not as small as the Leeds one. Ive been there a few times for pretty unknown bands like Hurts when they released their first album. You can get a pretty good view no matter where you stand too
  7. Thats great! Saving for that green one it is then Cheers
  8. I am a thrilled Father Christmas recipient! Just before my birthday too, I am so happy! See you all on Sunday :D:D:D
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