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    I love things that light up, seriously xD
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    Playin guitar, band, sports :)
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    U2, Sick Puppies, Theory of a Deadman
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    the hangover, inception, without a paddle
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    Whose line is it anyway (american), and Bones
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    I own HAARP, and all of their other cd's are on my ipod :)
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    their chicago show, it was awesome
  1. matt deserves some recognition! haha, i dont normally watch that show, but tonight i did and it was exciting for that reason alone
  2. So I was watching American Idol on tv, and guess who's in the audience? Matt and Kate! I was like But you know what really made me mad? Ryan Seacrest (the host) was all excited about having Kate in the audience, but not once did he acknowledge Matt. It's a singing show, you'd think he'd mention SOMETHING about the lead singer of a band as big as Muse. Just thought I'd throw this out there
  3. So i walked into my Graphic Arts class room at school, and there was a HUGE Thom Yorke poster, randomly right there on the wall. I saw it and was like grrrrrr. I should make a giant Muse poster to replace it
  4. Haha :) Something about them makes it SO much more fun

  5. thats what all musicians say here :)

  6. Cool :) i've also gotten wayyy better on guitar after playing muse

  7. just guitar and bass, i didnt start to get better until i found out about muse

  8. wow, i wish i could get my mom into that lol, she likes lame mainstream stuff. Oh and i totally agree, i even wanted to buy plane tickets to fly to london for the wembley stadium gig :D next time... Anyway what other instruments do you play?

  9. oh and only idiots wouldn't go to a muse concert if they had the chance

  10. My mom loves to listen to the harder stuff like STP, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, (Muse), Radiohead, and quite a bit of others.

  11. Yeah, my parents didn't want to go to the concert (grr) but after i showed my mom videos i took and i kinda made her listen to Muse (hehe, especially HAARP), im sure they'll want to see them on their next tour. Who wouldnt?? :)

  12. i was became the most addicted at "We Are The Universe". My mom who took me says it was the most amazing concert she had seen since U2 in the 70s-80s.

  13. Nice!! Yeah, surprisingly Starlight was the song that hooked me. Me and some friends went to their concert in Chicago back in March, and thats when i became fairly addicted haha, their concerts are soooo amazing :D

  14. Thats really cool actually. My mom had bought Abso and I started to get a bit hooked then and I only liked Hysteria and TiRO. Then my guitar teacher showed me new born and I became an addict :)

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