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    I love Music, where would people be without it ?! I love to dance and play the drums :-)
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    Dublin, Ireland
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    Im a drummer and a dancer (mainly ballet and hiphop)
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    The Script and Muse! Even though it says no need to put in Muse lol
  • Favourite Films
    hmmmmm Street Dance 3D is very good. Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, 30 going on 30, The NightMare Before Christmas . . . . oh and Twilight I guess (i know alot of people say if ur a Twilight fan ur not a REAL Muse fan . . . . well stuff that cuz I am!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Malcolm in The Middle! Mock The Week and Americas Next Top Model, The Simpsons and much, much more!
  • Favourite Books
    Erm one of the U2 books and To Kill A Mockingbird and tbh I cant remember the names of the others! I guess Twilight, though im not the kind thats able to read them more than once! ha
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Haarp (includes Wembly Arena) , The Resistance and ive gotta get more!!!
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    havnt seen them yet :'(
  1. hi :) was i talking 2 u yesterday on th chat? or did u change ur name or something? sumtimes i forget u see :) lol

  2. oh i see it now, thanks very much!!!!!!! Ur the first person ive talked to on this! :D

  3. Yes, exactly!!! thank u very much :D :D where do I find it next time? :)

  4. Hey Im new :) do u know of any official Muse chat rooms?

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