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  1. Saw the northern lights link. Love the idea:) - got the led bracelets & the glow sticks with some to spare, so all set!!!! Thanks for the facebook link to lccc
  2. Thanks Shinybee, for the great info, and thanks Pip for the welcome. Really nice to have such a fast & friendly response!
  3. Hi - please can any kind Muse or M/C fan help me out? My two young sons (12 & 14) are great Muse fans so I bought tickets for M/C as a Xmas present last year - but don't have a clue where to go or what to expect since I'm Dire Straits vintage & I guess that a lot has changed since then...Our tickets are General Admission and not yet posted out, so no clues there. Is GA standing? Pit? I want the kids to have a great time and be safe so any tips about the best way to get to the Old Trafford venue (we don't live in M/C), where to go when we get there, would be gratefully received! Sorry - if this is a repeat - I did try to do a search and found a M/C thread and a pit thread - but didn't quite get what I needed but you all seem to know exactly what to do etc so thought I would swallow pride and just ask....Thanks to any or all of you who post back.
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