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  1. Any chance that we might get back to the topic of this thread and stop being so spectacularly kind to each other...? (And by the way, dear 005, are you arguing with me too, just because I registered on this board only a few weeks ago ?)
  2. hahahaha, that's brilliant!! Did he really say that?? Bwilliant!!
  3. A few new b-sides would be much better than releasing a CD with old ones that we all have anyway... More new b-sides like Fury or Eternally missed or Glorious or Shrinking universe (yes!) woul be nice...
  4. Yes exactly, I meant the "overall gig-going experience", I did not mean to invite people to moan about setlists or Muse don't beong "OoS-style" enough in this thread! By the way, i really enjoy reading all this, and I hope that noone will consider leaving Muse gigs out because of what people write here. As someone said before, every bad moment on the one side has 10 great moments on the other!
  5. I really love Guiding Light from Glastonbury. I never liked that song much, but that performance was so incredibly beautiful I just could'nt resist anymore... Perfect!
  6. Hey, that's good news!! Thanks for posting that! "... in the process of preparing to commence ..." honestly, that sounds as if it will take a looong time until tickets will be dispatched...
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like to know what has been your worst MUSE live experience so far? I don't mean this regarding setlist-disappointments etcetera, but mainly regarding the whole experience of going to a MUSE gig and being there. I once missed a plane travelling for Muse because of some mysterious incident on the train bringing me to the airport, then had to wait half a day to get another plane. After a really turbulent flight I realised that I had not brought the address of my hotel :facepalm: so had a wee bit of trouble finding my accomodation. In the queue for the concert I learnt that there was no wardrobe, hooray for my winter clothes! Well, and then, first I got a Coke shower from the guy sitting behind me (who did not even apologise:mad:), and then some girls sitting next to me startet to chat and were giggling during the whole concert :mad:... It was really hard not to be distracted from the music... but still an amazing night! Love MUSE, forget all the rest!! What's your story?
  8. Hi everyone, yes, Eternally missed is an awesome song, I LOVE it!!! Matt's voice is just fantastic, and the lyrics, the melodies, those irresistible music-box-sounds... wow! I'd love to hear it live! Did they ever play it live?? (by the way, this was my first post, hooray!)
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