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  1. No but I didn't even realise that this was a thing that was happening Does anyone feel like giving me all their shirts? Some of them look pretty awesome!
  2. How rude! Having been stood right in front of him for 3 gigs now, I can say that he always looks really happy when he's shaking hands and focusing on the crowd during a song and stuff, so at least he's enjoying it, even if some of us aren't
  3. Did Brad Pitt actually appear in the end or was I just asleep for that or something? I had to leave after Richard Cheese (I've actually started looking forward to that bit at the end of a gig now ) to catch a bus and I didn't even think about there being other stuff afterwards. I just assumed that Brad Pitt was too embarrassed by the fact that the crowd cheered louder for Muse than for him in the 2 hours before the gig started so he never turned up
  4. I'm in a queue...no idea if it's THE queue though Are there multiple queues??
  5. I'm probably going to get there around 5pm...No idea what the queues are going to be like lol Whoever gets there first should let us know how many people are there!
  6. TM actually posted us tickets that looked like that once The barcodes still worked though so that was lucky I guess You're going anyway, just meet the person there and hand them the ticket
  7. I got it pretty much instantly...As long as it's showing up on your TM account you should be okay, though, because that's where you print your tickets from.
  8. That has to be my favourite photo from either of the nights He broke one of the lights at the start of the catwalk with it...There was a 4-person lighting crew with a trolly full of equipment sprinting around at the front trying to fix it while they thought nobody was looking ...did you guys swap with me? I swapped an E ticket for an R ticket so I could queue with my friend all day Could just be a weird coinkydink though~
  9. They'll probably show some of the premiere stuff in the 2 hour gap like people walking on the red carpet and whatever else happens at these things I think 5 songs is a bit ambitious...With extended riffs AND a break for fish and chips, I only see them playing one, maybe one and a half songs
  10. I'm 98% sure The ticketmaster page said it was 18+ but I can't even seem to find that any more for some reason
  11. I think that might just be to make sure everyone is over 18, rather than to make sure the person bought the tickets themselves.
  12. I think it all depended on who was enforcing the queue ~rules. In the places where the security people (or particularly forceful musers ) were watching, everyone lined up along the walls (or wherever they were told to) in neat lines but, everywhere else, people just did their best to push to the front.
  13. If I can't use mine (I'm planning to) I'm just going to give them away...Kinda rude to sell them, really. Humans
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