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    I wear a fez now.
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    I have no idea why I filled in all this information about myself in 2010 omg what was I thinking?
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    Watching TV(a lot), Climbing, Playing guitar + keyboard (not very well, though!), Video games, Having bubble gun fights in the park
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    Stereophonics, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers, Kaiser Chiefs, The Kooks, The Killers, U2, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys
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    All the Star Trek films, The Indiana Jones Trilogy + 1, The Matrix Trilogy, The Terminator Trilogy + 1, THE AVENGERS!!11!!, How To Train Your Dragon
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    Doctor Who, Star Trek, House, Lie To Me, Bones, Fringe, Castle, Torchwood, Leverage, Hustle, The X Files, CSI, The Mentalist, Sherlock, Merlin, NCIS
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    The Dark Tower series (Stephen King), The Geeks Guide To World Domination (useful), Doctor Who books, Star Trek books, Needful Things
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, The Resistance, Black Holes and Revelations, HAARP, Absolution, Hullabaloo
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    04 September 2010 — Lancashire County Cricket Ground
    Leeds Festival 2011
    27th October 2012, O2 Arena, London
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  1. you're telling me :LOL:


    OMG MUSE AT READING?! :awesome: my friend is going there too, though she was more interested in Coldplay at Glasto.

  2. Oh dear, board neglect :LOL:


    We just got tickets for Leeds festival to see Muse and I remembered to come back! :p


    :chuckle: It's my birthday tomorrow, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! :D

  3. :LOL::LOL: oh wow. I haven't been here for.. umm... a month?

    Yus I did. was epic. :yesey:


    Happy new year to you too :chuckle: although it's VERY late.

  4. Eight hours but the jet lag has gone now

  5. How far ahead is China?

  6. I still wake up early due to jet lag

  7. I don't like taxis. >.< But okay :LOL:


    What in the heck are you doing still online at this time? :O

  8. Yep. I guess if I can't drive , we'll have to go on a train and then taxi/public transport . I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to sort out

  9. Yeah but we kinda need a vague sort of plan for getting there and back before we buy the tickets :LOL: But that's a start I guess...

  10. Eh... Not yet but hopefully I would have passed my test by august . I still need to do my theory :S . If I can drive by then, then I'll see if I can but I'll probably have to use my mum's car as I don't think I'll get my own

  11. I wouldn't have been able to afford tickets in December anyway lol so that's alright...no idea how we're going to get there or anything...can you drive yet? :LOL:

  12. December presale is over so we have to wait...tense.... I think we'll be camping before we even get there

  13. Probably not , as we ain't sure if/ when muse are playing. We have to sort out stuff like accommodation and transport too.

  14. We don't want day tickets do we? :\

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