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  1. Hello everyone ! I FINALLY found a ticket, I'm sooo happy; I'll go on the 14th! I don't live in Melbourne (I'm from France ), so I don't know anyone who goes to the concert, and I'd like to meet some people! I'm at the moment near Lilydale, and going to Melbourne on the 13th, to be ready for the long wait of the 14th haha. I've heard that a lot of people are actually going to stay overnight near the Arena? Let me know! Aurelie
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm looking for a GA standing ticket for one of the dates in Melbourne! (14th or 15th, doesn't matter!). Please contact me if you're selling one, or if you know someone who sells one ! Thanks a lot ! Aurelie
  3. Hey, I would really prefer a standing ticket, but I'll think about it if I don't find one ! (if your friend still have it at that time).

  4. hey :) if you are really desperate to go see Muse, my friend has a silver seating ticket for the 14th that she is selling. i think she is willing to sell it for cheaper than what she paid cos she is desperate to sell it. please consider it :)

  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a GA Standing ticket for the 14 or 15th, so please contact me if you're selling one, or if you hear about someone who sells some ! Thanks !!
  6. So it's allowed? Be clearer please It would be strange, in France it's not allowed, and it seems normal to me. Can you answer my other question if you know please? (the meaning of the different places in the arena) Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry to make a new thread for that, but I have a question about Australia's arenas where Muse is going in december. I'm French and I've never been to a concert in Australia, and I'll probably go in december 2010 to Muse's concerts. I went on premier-ticketek.com.au, and we can chose between several places in the stadiums =/ Gold G.A. Standing Gold Res Seating Silver Res Seating Gold Non Alcohol Silver Non Alcohol Gold Side View Silver Side View Gold Rear View Silver Rear View Can somebedy tell me the differences between all those places please...? (I wrote those written for the Acer Arena in Sydney). I was also wondering, is alcohol allowed in the arenas?? Because it's precised "non alcohol" ... Thanks a lot for your answers !!! Aurélie
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