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    We need Muse live Bangkok in 2011!!
  1. I really hope they're coming in 2011. Matt actually wanted to come here so he could visit Phuket after the gig in 2007. So I guess I might follow them to Phuket too, if they're really going to be here which I really pray for. I really want to meet them. I am a stalker. Yes, I am a freak. haha. (I think they won't ever visit bangkok once they see this post :L )
  2. yay ดีใจที่มีคนตอบ ตอนแรกนึกว่าจะหาคนไทยไม่ได้เลย :'( หาไม่ได้เหมือนกันค่ะ แต่ก็ไม่เคยเห็นของวงดนตรีต่างชาติอื่นๆ นะคะที่ไม่ใช่เกาหลี - -" น่ารำคาญที่สุดเลย คนไทยอะไรๆ ก็เกาหลี ไม่มีรสนิยมในการฟังเพลงเลย
  3. We want Muse to throw a concert in Bangkok, Thailand here in 2011 as a part of their gigs tour. After that huge disappointment of the gig in 2008 that had to be canceled, more Muse fans are born here and Muse's songs are on MTV, Channel V, International FM's,etc. more often! In other words, Muse is really famous in Thailand now! Please come! I can't bare getting obsessed with Matt, Chris and Dom via Youtube, DVD concerts anymore. We need you here! So if you're Thai or live in Thailand, pleasee reveal yourself to show them that there are lots and lots of us that want Muse here! ) Must plays: 1) New Born 2) Stockholm Syndrome +Agitated Outro <(PLEASE!) 3) Time is Running Out 4) Knights of Cydonia 5) Map of the Problematique and some hardly performed songs like Sunburn, Citizen Erased, Dead Star, Bliss, etc. etc. =)
  4. Yes! and New Born, Stockholm Syndrome, Plug in baby and Exo. Sym. too
  5. I know how ashamed it was in 2008 that a gig Muse was going to throw had to be canceled due to the tickets' issues that hadn't been sold enough. But after that mistake, I had made a lot of my friends know Muse and they love them. Muse's songs come on MTV, Channel V, Fm's, etc. more often and that's a clue that they're more well-known now, than before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I can't bare watching Muse on Dvd's and Youtube anymore. I need to see Matt, Chris and Dom perform live! And make it next year in 2011! :'( :(
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