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  1. First of all, excuse me for my english, I don't use it very often. I'm a 16-year boy who lives in Vigo, near Santiago (Spain). Last monday tickets sales started for the Xacobeo 10 Fest (which Muse headlines), and in just a few hours 14,000 tickets (30.000 total) were sold, 30€/ticket. Good price I guess, but not for us teens. On WEDNESDAY, two days later, it was announced on the festival's official page that people under-18 could NOT enter to watch the show, not even with an adult who took responsability for them. Why? Because they're going to sell alcohol at the festival. Oh, and guess what! We can NOT give back the tickets, we have to keep them. So we just lost 33€ (3€ from taxes) and we're not getting to see Muse live. This specially hurts, 'cause I had to get up really early two straight mondays, and the second monday nobody knew about the tickets, had to call stores and all that crap for like 6 hours because the stores found out just 20 minutes before they started selling them. RIDICULOUS, what do you guys think? http://tanakamusic.com/2010/07/21/indignacion-por-la-prohibicion-a-la-entrada-de-menores-en-el-festival-xacobeo-10-para-ver-a-muse/
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