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    I love music. Amazing stuff! Hehem,I'm sorry.I mean MUSE-ic.
    Other awesome things are drawing,volleyball,swimming,learning guitar and piano, and God
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    #1 MUSE
    #2 The Killers
    The Bravery,Rise Against,Rage Against the Machine,Coldplay,Depeche Mode,Queen,and SO MUCH MORE!
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    The Office,Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia,Arrested Development,Malcolm in the Middle,Spongebob
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    Invisible Man,War of the Worlds,Eragon,The Hobbit,Narnia,Inkheart,
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    Origin of Symmetry,Resistance,....sadly thats it...my others are burnt cd's...Working on getting more though
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    September 26th 2010 Staples Center,LA

  1. I dunno if this guy has been mentioned, but for some reason Live Schreiber always reminds me of Chris. They don't look alike a lot but...sooorttaaa http://images.wikia.com/marvelmovies/images/0/08/LievSchreiber.jpg
  2. Oh.Okay. Thank a bunch. By the way I love your picture thing..Haha.
  3. Okay so I've seen a bunch of clips and photos of the interview of Muse on this couch and Matt has red hair and he start biting Dom's stomach and Dom has a purple bunny and sticks it in Matt's mouth...But I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have the full video? Please help.
  4. Okay Ive read about this Appreciation Scrapbook.What is it? Can I see it?Does anyone have some information about it?
  5. THANK YOU! Haha you are a life saver! It's a cute video:p
  6. http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a94/inepta/aw.jpg I read that there was a video to this picture of Matt and Dom in a field with a wagon wheel or something and I have been looking for it but cannot seem to find it...Does anyone happen to have it? Please Help.
  7. Aww I went.Greatest day of my life.My seats were in 117 right next to Chris' side of the stage.It was pretty hilarious when his curtain got stuck......Unfortunately I couldnt take pictures or videos cause they took away my video camera..... STILL AWESOME! Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can find the entire concert on tape?
  8. Does anyone know where I can find this full interview? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KybsF-0KYc
  9. I feel like watching Muse interviews right now sooo just if you know of any SUPER funny ones, which I'm sure there are about a thousand, please post. I'm sure we'd all love to see them! Thanks:)
  10. My aunt is friends with one of the security guards there and they were gonna get me backstage for the LA September show...Unfortunatly my mom won't let me go. Sucks really bad!
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