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  1. Was there ever any doubt? Congratulations Muse, you definitely deserve this.
  2. I've found with previous Muse albums that the tracks I like best at first aren't necessarily the ones I like best after a few months. However, today I've voted for Liquid State but I also love Panic Station and Supremacy.
  3. I can't imagine why but suit yourself. Luckily we can't all be alike.
  4. If it would make you happy. Won't make any difference to me!
  5. It didn't MAKE them rubbish, they did that all by themselves. It just made it painful having to listen to them all the time.
  6. You can facepalm all you like. You didn't live through the Queen era and have to listen to them all the time.
  7. Sorry but they are. Call it a take off if you prefer but that is Queen. And Queen were rubbish.
  8. I would love an instrumental version of Survival because I love the instrumental bits but the song is truly weird. Why is Matt singing in that silly voice? Why are Muse imitating Queen? I could never stand Queen, they were rubbish. Why use the style of another band when you have a wonderful style of your own? I've listened to it quite a few times in the hope it would grow on me but it's no good. It's a really poor song. And what's all that clicking business? Sounds like a badly scratched vinyl record. I'd say a cracked 78 but you're all too young to know what that means!
  9. I am disgusted that Muse would support the Olympics at all. Have they not heard of Bhopal and Dow Chemicals and the way Lord Smarmy Coe blocked all email protests from Amnesty? So much for all Matt's save the world rubbish, he's just another sell out.
  10. Nearly too late but hope you've had a Happy Birthday Matt. And you are still just a kid.
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