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  1. Check out Hopix! You're a star mate; thanks for replying, and so quicky as well Cheers bud x
  2. Hey people Got an extension on my dissertation that I have to do for my BA photography degree and what I've found while studying is that music without words works really well for me, helps me get into the studying sooooo much smoother than without it. Lately I been listening to the Twilight score by Carter Bruwell, but I need more! I don't know much about classical but I been listening to Muse since Showbiz and Bellamy's knowledge and the influence of classical is evident since the beginning. I'm listening to track 10 on Resistance as I write, love the piano, as I do the piano solo on the end of United States of Europa. Does anyone know who has influenced Muse in this form of music; it's theatrical and deep and soooo soothing. If Bellamy done a piano solo album I'd be stealing it from HMV and getting chased thru Truro town centre by security if I couldn't afford; so if anyone has any ideas what artists Bellamy has been influenced by classically, and/or know what might I like, it be great to hear from you Peace xx P.S. Now I'm at track 11 - sooo lush!!!
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