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  1. Yeah, the first time I heard that I immediately thought of Crying Shame. From the guitar tone, the drum part (generic, but it is the same) & the soaring falsettos. + it has the same driving force of KoC with the arpeggios and drum beat
  2. Teignmouth was only 16 songs. Plus I'm sure the sets will be much longer come the tour once they really work out the ordering and everything, because tonight was really much more of a test run with the new stuff
  3. TR had a serious lack of synth arpeggios (only in Uprising iirc) which was just unacceptable, good to hear they're back. The rest of the article was interesting, nice to hear that Matt has a passion for production, and it's definitely shown in the tracks off T2L so far.
  4. Couple of quick questions, sorry.. What time does the gig start & what timeline is it? Will there be a Twitter feed for the setlist & if so, where? Good luck to whoever does the setlist live in terms of finding out which new songs are which
  5. If he's telling the truth, it's out somewhere. So apparently this is the live/rock version rather than the electronic one? Pretty interesting for them to debut a new single in a different style like that, if it's true.
  6. I'm just saying that seeing as how that's the one of the first songs I heard, it sounds like Muse to me
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