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  1. I'm not saying there is a definite Muse sound or there ever has been one. I'm saying they really need to learn to incorporate their influences into their music without going away glaringly obvious comparisons to other artists or their songs. That's the problem I'm having with this album, every song has at least one obvious influence. I may have not been able to articulate my points vey well since I'm no reviewer or writer.
  2. As much as I enjoy this album and TR, Muse seriously need to just take a break for a bit and find their sound. Their past two albums have sounded more like mixtapes than albums, as though they're a new band trying to pay tribute to all of their favorite bands. Even BHaR was a more focused effort. Sure, OoS is a bit of a genre shifter as well but, there was also a flowing style throughout. I reallyl hope they stick with their own discovered sound on the next LP. If they don't get tired of Queen and U2 by 2015, then Muse will have officially lost it. That being said, Animals, Supremacy, Isolated System, & Panic Station are great tracks. Honorable mentions to Save Me, Madness, and Explorers.
  3. Ooh cool! Kinda weird that the main and bonus features are separated on the iTunes Deluxe Edition, if they're both making ofs. Looking forward to this supposed live CD/DVD they're planning for the tour!
  4. Surprised how much this has grown on me. Least favorite track is probably Big Freeze but I still like it. As far as I remember there weren't any videos of Madness, Follow Me, Explorers, Big Freeze, and the two Chris tracks. Everything else had good lengths, except Supremacy which could have been a bit longer.
  5. Watching the making of Unsustainable really makes wish they hadn't added the reporter and robot and instead introduced a new element in the place of the reporter. Does makes me like it a bit more though.
  6. It's a good album. Not totally in love with it yet and it doesn't sound like Muse to me at all at most parts. It just doesn't feel like Muse, but I'm probably just not used to it. I don't really dislike any songs but there are one or two I don't really care for. I'd put it between TR and BHaR. A bit underwhelming, probably a strong 7 (lel fantano scores)
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