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  1. Yep. Defector video was taken down in China, most likely because it had the infamous Tiananmen Square photo in it. I'm honestly surprised they were able to book gigs outside of Hong Kong, but maybe China doesn't really take the band's politics seriously (does anyone? )
  2. It's more the delivery than the lyrics that make the verses so weird for me
  3. Wow, this album has grown on me a lot. And not just in a "convincing myself it's good" kind of way, I took some time off from listening to it and really enjoyed Defector, The Globalist/Drones, and even Revolt. Definitely on par with TR at the very least, and I love that album. Aftermath is still pretty hilarious though, it's a shame because everything before the singalong is absolutely beautiful
  4. Redemption is the song that got me hooked on Muse. Absolutely beautiful. It's not Matt's most impressive performance but it's by far my favorite piano song, possibly favorite song overall.
  5. I think had they fleshed out the riff section a bit more, allowing us to get the chance to discern the layers of instrumentation better, the transition would have been better. It's like, when the tremolo riff kicks in, we also get layers of power chords, strings, etc. and we only have so much time to process this wall of sound before it becomes a new section entirely.
  6. Compositionally, the transition from the heavy part to the ballad is cohesive. The section ends on a change from A minor (which is the key of the section) to an A major, transitioning to the ballad in D major. Technically, this is a well-written key change since the A major to D major (or V to I) change is commonly used in classical music. That being said, from a stylistic and production standpoint, how cohesive The Globalist is is completely subjective. Personally, I think how the riff section's transition into the finale is a bit jarring since it's so brief.
  7. Opinions ahoy: Overall - My expectations for this album were fairly low following The 2nd Law. I'm happy with some of what we got – tracks like Reapers, The Handler, and Mercy are sure to stick with me. Overall though, it feels like the band is continuing to try too hard to attempt too many styles at once. The tracks we heard pre-release – Psycho, Dead Inside, Reapers, and Mercy – all seemed to hint at a general cohesive sound. But once we were given tracks like Revolt, Aftermath, and Drones, that cohesion was hard to find. Experimentation can be good, but it can also distract a musician from mastering their known style. 6.5/10 Y'all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? Absolution Origin of Symmetry Black Holes and Revelations The Resistance Showbiz Drones The 2nd Law
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