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  1. I recorded a short snippet of a song based on the slide guitar teaser. I doubt the final song will sound like this at all, but it was still fun to make. I'm really curious how it's gonna be used...
  2. Bliss Hoodoo Redemption Glorious Fury Shine (Acoustic) Animals Dark Shines Falling Down Ruled By Secrecy
  3. I agree with this. Plus, I think Matt's life has generally gotten better since the early days of the band. It was probably easier to write more personal songs back when things weren't really going his way I guess. That's why a lot of fans always root for Matt's heartbreak, which is just silly
  4. The sheer superiority of the quality between this and the past two live albums really makes me wish we got the full concert! Oh well, this is really awesome either way.
  5. I don't think a more traditional string arrangement like Prelude is necessarily a bad thing. It's not like CE has the most eclectic arrangement in the outro either. That being said, this seems much more musically complex than Prelude even with a short preview. Looking forward to hear how this sounds in context!
  6. I really like it. I can honestly picture in any context of a song (i.e. a climax like in RBS or a outro like Collateral Damage). Also, I can't believe it's been two years since I posted this thread, time flies...
  7. Judging by the audio quality of just the youtube video, I'm looking forward to the CD. Anything is better than HAARP, you can barely make out the bass in it
  8. So...I've found something pretty cool. I looked up a video on how to access private YouTube videos (here it is for those interested) and learned that you can view still frames. Then using the url that the YouTuber provided, I plugged in the video id for the private video (4zS9hTdScOE) into this url: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/VIDEO_ID/0.jpg. I got these four frames: http://imgur.com/a/HNvLp by entering the following: Not sure if these are from an already existing video, but you guys can probably figure something out. Kind of cool.
  9. Niall edit: NB - do not discuss gossip about band members and their private lives.
  10. The quality of this live recording is pretty impressive. Makes me excited for the live album they wanted to do for this tour.
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