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  1. The quality kind of sucks and it sounds really computerized but I just put the riff in with drums to imagine how it could sound in context. Here's hoping it's more exciting than this lol
  2. Totally agree. Sometimes I just can't listen to BHaR and OoS because everything just sounds like a wall of sound. Absolution sounds a bit better, on songs like RBS and FAWY, but it's still pretty overcompressed.
  3. Gonna make a bold and probably useless prediction here, but I'm bored so here we go. At the end of the latest IG update, you can hear what seems to be a synth playing an A3 and D4 notes. And some people found that the chord Matt was playing in this post was a D minor. Those two notes A and D are in that chord, so I'm guessing (keyword is guessing) that this is the same song.
  4. I'm thinking that there's gonna be some atmospheric synths, filed under "SFX." As someone pointed out earlier, right at the end of the video you can hear a tone which sounds like a droning synth (to me at least)
  5. I noticed that as well. It seems to loud to be background noise in the studio. I'm predicting a RATM-esque riff to follow this dialogue EDIT: Just realized it sounds a lot like the ending of Collateral Damage. Here's hoping for Guiding Light v. 2!!! EDIT 2: Also, if that last note is indeed a D, a drop D riff is even more likely..
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