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  1. Congrats on rustling the jimmies of those on that Facebook page!

  2. Well, we can all hope the second half will come, and have The Present Tense.

  3. I feel like I'll alternate between preferring either half (or quarter if we get lucky). Feral is fantastic, and it's nice to hear Give Up The Ghost as a studio song.

  4. Good. :D

    So what do you think of the new album?

  5. Sorry about that back there..I just now realized how stupid I was being ahaha. I didn't know he was being sarcastic towards cynical Radiohead fans than Radiohead themselves...

  6. Yeah, I bought their cd recently. Great listen, I think I listened to it 3 times this past week. I love the fact that they can take influence from bands but also make it their own style rather than copy the bands. :D

  7. Thanks, do you like Civil Twilight?


    (I'm guessing you do) :p

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