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  1. Hopefully you get good results! :) Ah that isn't too bad, is it? :))

    haha good reason :p


    Yeah it would've! Yeah I heard, happy late birthday :p


    Yeah that would :)


    Aww :chuckle: 5th time?? :LOL: So safe Jade! :p Ah that's good! Yeah, though they don't really look so screamo anymore! Never jump to conclusion so soon ;)


    Aww you had to survive that horrible sex lesson instead :p How'd it go?


    :awesome: Noooooope :p



    I suppose that's quite good, nothing better than the subject head teaching you! It's almost like an advantage!


    Haha you must really like him then? :LOL::awesome:


    Aww that's a real shame, so you're not going to America this year then? Awww that's such a shame!


    Thanks! My test week is over!!!!!! We went to the cinema today to celebrate with Ruben, David and Marnix. On the way to Rubens, Charlie came as well suddenly, so she joined us! I'll tell you more later ;)


    How was your day??


    Love you too!


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