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  1. As long as you study it should help I think :p Good luck (again:P)!

    That is really odd, any idea why the school has to be like and make it different for everyone? You might just be right there, stupid school system! :p


    :awesome: It sold out before i could get tickets!

    Haha you never know :p You should go as well, we could meet up :p


    :LOL: Okay, haha very careful of you Jade ;)

    Aha I'll take a listen, I still have my doubts though from pictures I see of them they always seem very screamo looking :p


    Haha hopefully for you he will be back :awesome:


    :awesome: Yesh! ((:


    Haha, They Will Not Force Us!

    Ah do you like English? If you like a subject it should be fun :p

    I've seen that movie too, it's really annoying how it's so confusing! :rolleyes:


    Sounds like a plan haha!


    You should go somewhere this year ;)


    haha, how was your Tuesday :p


    It's fine, take your time :))


    Errrm well i went back to school today but I suppose a lot of my week will consist of Studying for my test week next week! Wish me luck :p


    Love you too!


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