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  1. Good luck with them then! :happy:


    Yeah, my second time :D I've only ever seen them, Arcade Fire and of course Muse live :D

    Awesome! Choose wisely :p Yeah, but I don't have tickets for either yet, we'll see about it for now I think, i'm saving up! Speaking of Enter Shikari, a new song!


    Haha :chuckle: Those pictures are always quite disgusting yeah!


    I have a few ideas but not solid on the right song yet :awesome: I'll get something!


    :happy: aww haha was it really hard then? What's Physics like, I don't take it at school, just Biology:)


    Yep, next Tuesday! :DD


    Aww at least the argument is sorted! :DD Sounds like you had real fun at Christmas! Haha :LOL: Decorative Stone :p


    My Christmas was great. Christmas Eve we went to friends, Christmas Day we stayed home and opened presents, watched endless BBC and had an amazing Christmas Dinner and on Boxing Day we went to my grandparents where I got money from my Aunts which subsequently paid for my Coldplay ticket haha :p


    We were in Paris for new year and we spent it with friends at a fancy restaurant before watching the fireworks from the hotel balcony! :D


    It's fine:D I'll reply to your PM later :)


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


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