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  1. :happy: Your welcome! Well that must be a good sign right?


    They really were! I have tickets for their show in The Hague next year (the city I live in!). They're playing the Dutch Equivalent of Hyde Park, the Malieveld! Ooh go to as many gigs as you can before school gets too pressurising! I'm waiting for Muse as well, but I want to see Kasabian and Enter Shikari both in Amsterdam next year, they're playing one weekend after another!


    Haha sounds like a cool teacher!


    I think I might just do that, i'll find something good to play first though!


    Awww I hope it gets better for the other exams! :)


    Meh it's a stupid holiday system really! This year I was still in the mood for Christmas but not as much as before because we only broke up on the 23rd! We go back on the 10th :DD


    How was your week, how was christmas overall?? :D


    We went to a friends house for Christmas Eve :) What are your plans for New Year??


    Love you too!


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