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  1. Not that preparedD: I've been revising every night for a week so Ive done a bit

    Our school's just weird :p year 9's are starting their GCSE's too! It's ridiculous really, and it's not fair, they'll get more GCSE's than us because they'll be doing GCSE for three years :supersad: they'll get 6, we only get 4 :indiff: but the year 11's now only have 2 :wtf: stupid school system, changing every bloody year so it's not fair!


    Foo fighters?! :awesome: you should've gone to pinkpop last year! :D

    Hopefully Muse play at Glastonbury for you next year then :D


    :LOL: I haven't listened to it yet, I will when I find the headphones I've lost 6 times in the past week:chuckle:

    Black Veil Brides aren't actual screamo, which I was reay surprised about! When I heard their band name and saw what they looked like my thoughts were "ha I bet they're screamo girls" :p I love them though, they don't scream, Andy just has a very deep voice, he's pretty :chuckle: Listen to "Rebel Love Song" by them, that's my favourite :3 'take your hand in mine, it's ours tonight, this is a rebel love song!' :3


    I love that hamster, I called him Dommeh! I hope he's there again on Wednesday!


    :awesome::awesome: Musey cover! (:


    Hm not fair:chuckle: I think we were forced into triple science!

    We have an English exam about Romeo and Juliet coming up soon! At the moment we're watching the movie with Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio (he's pretty in this film too) in it. It bugs me because it's set in modern day but the script is all Shakespeare language:rolleyes:


    Haha it will, we'll tease him about it every time we see him!


    It would be cool to go to Paris for new year 2013, or Italy, I wanna go to Italy so badly!


    Sounds like my day :p


    I don't know when I'm gonna be able to reply to your pm, but don't worry I will reply!


    Any week plans?


    Love you!


  2. (: thanks, I have our pwoper Science GCSE exam on Thursday, hopefully it's not as hard as the mock!


    :awesome: you should go to a festival, you'll see loads of bands! I'm really hoping Foo Fighters headline Sonispere, that'd be perfect. My summer sorted:chuckle: Download then Sonisphere hopefully!

    I'll give it a listen later, is it just screaming like most of the others? While we're on the subject of Enter Shikari, one of my P.E. teachers looks just like the lead singer/screamer:eek:


    :vomit: I managed to distract myself from the pictures because there was a toy hamster in a hamster wheel on mine and Liam and Hollie's desk. The toy hamster kept me entertained:chuckle:


    :awesome: is it Muse? :D


    It was extremely hard! All of the mega smart people only got like a quarter of the marks for it:chuckle: so there's me with my average size brain who only got 20:chuckle: Physics is okay, its about waves, earthquakes, conduction and stuff like that :chuckle: not fair! I have to do triple science:eek:




    (: it was a fun Christmas, the stone incident just made it a whole lot better! Now everytime he comes round he tells everyone to beware of the evil stone, it apparently "appears out of no where!"


    Sounds like you had a great Christmas too:D


    Aw I'd love to go to Paris! You're new years eve must've been epic! I'd love to spend my new years eve like you did :D


    Okay :)


    I had an okayish day thanks! Science: Chemistry, PE: Badminton, English: studying Romeo and Juliet now, aw, Maths: loads of crap that turned my brain to mush, Technology: Muse project! :)


    How was your day?


    Love you!


  3. :happy: we should be getting the results back sometime soon! :)


    Awesome! Will this be your second time seeing them then? Or have you seen them more times?

    I got quite a bit if money from my nan for Christmas so all that is gig money :happy: I just need to find some decent ones! Are you gonna see them both in Amsterdam? :)


    It was the most awkward Sex Lesson ever today:chuckle: we were doing STI's with all those gross pictures. Just ew!


    Have you found anything for a cover:awesome:


    Thanks :happy: we had Physics today and my teacher apologised because the paper was so hard:chuckle:


    Aw we went back today! So you dont go back till next week!


    I've had a chill week so far, besides the argument, but that's over now so I'm happy:happy: Christmas overall was great! Had some laughs(my cousin, who's just got his drivers liscence, ran over a large decorative stone on our front garden so his car was stuck on the stone nearly on its side! We had to dig the stone out from under the car! It was hilarious:LOL:), had some great presents, and spent time with some great people! :D


    Overall how was your Christmas? :)


    New years eve we just stayed home and watched DVD's! My cousin(who I mentioned before) came round because his family left him all alone:( (he didn't run into the stone this time:LOL:)

    How was your New Year? :D


    Sorry again for the late message!

    Love you!


  4. :happy: thanks, I hope I do to! I was talking to my Spanish teacher about it and she says I did fine and it was one of the best:wtf::LOL:


    :happy: so I take it Coldplay were awesome? :awesome: I really need to go to a gig!! It's been over a year since I went to an actual concert!(not counting festivals:chuckle:) me and Hollie are planning to go to some gigs next year, maybe Paramore, Black Veil Brides, Escape The Fate, and hopefully Muse if they tour straight after the new album! Oh and we are deffinately deffinately going to Download again! Metallica, The Prodigy AND Black Sabbath! :awesome:!!


    :chuckle: he just tells us random little stories about things he's experienced while being a sex ed teacher, like students asking him the Weirdest questions!


    You should put some guitar covers up on YouTube, I'd love to hear you play something! I agree there!


    And we hadn't been taught a lot of the stuff that appeared in the exam! I got my mark back... 20 out of 75:facepalm: I'm not too worried because the super super super smart kids were only getting 28-30 marks:chuckle:


    That's not fair just because it's a weekend! You should get a week off before Christmas! We don't go back till the 4th so two weeks today!


    Today I'm going out with everybody!(I talked about this in your PM;)) Saturday I'm going to the shopping centre with mu cousins for a coffee or something then Sunday, I think you can guess haha! :chuckle:


    What are your plans for Christmas eve? :happy:


    Love you!


  5. :facepalm: it didn't go well! I memorised the whole thing, all 2 pages, I was saying it over and over to my friends in the morning, so I thought I'd be fine! I went into the exam room, sat next to the teacher, she asked the question, my mind went blank! Everything vanished out of my head! I managed to say quite a lot eventually but I still think I failed ''/


    I'll have to reply tomorrow, I need to revise for my English exam that I have tomorrow afternoon!


    :awesome::chuckle: yeah, plan A) buy tickets, plan B) sit outside without a ticket and listen:p

    Im not too keen on Coldplay to be honest:$


    :chuckle: yeah it's not like anything changed! We do sex Ed every year, but because of the teacher we have this year I'm enjoying it, he takes nothing seriously so it's funny! Lesson 2 of sex Ed tomorrow, lucky me :LOL:


    Happy late birthday to her! What songs did you play for her? I watched the last few minutes of the final to see who won, I really lost intrest in the x factor this year:chuckle:


    I had a good and bad day today! Science exam thismorning, I found all of the biology easy but when I got to the Chem/Physics section I was clueless! It was only a mock so meeh:p and when I came out of the exam I found Liam and he gave me a present, its a christmas themed Stitch teddy bear :) its so cute! He says is not my Christmas present it was just a random "I thought of you when I saw it" present:D he's so sweet :happy:


    How was your day today? :happy: when do you break up from school for Christmas?


    Love you!


  6. :LOL:


    Thanks! It's tomorrow in second period (I miss PE:dance:)! So I'm stressing because I can't memorise and speak two pages of it!! :eek:


    Okidoki, take your time with it :happy:


    :awesome: Where's the gig at? I only know a couple of Coldplay songs, I prefer Radiohead, I still only know a few Radiohead songs though:chuckle:


    My weekend plans are sit in the house and revise for 2 exams: Science and English! They're both on Tuesday:( I hate having two exams on the same day, they just get me confuzzled up!


    I had a fun day thanks! Got my history coursework all done and handed in so I don't have to worry about that anymore! We started Sex Ed again in PSHE today, which is now hilarious because we have an awesome funny teacher!:chuckle: and I had an hour of Spanish Revision after school with Liam and Shelby, so everything's good! :D


    How've you been today?


    Love you!


  7. :) thanks!



    :chuckle: can't disagree with that :yesey:


    :chuckle: Heather proposed to me.. I couldn't turn her down:LOL:


    I shall!



    :happy: thanks! I have a Spanish Speaking exam on Thursday now:noey:




    Have fun at the Winterball! Tell me all snout it when you get back! :D


    I'll reply soon!


    Any week plans? :)


    Love you!


  8. Let me start off by saying I'm so so so sorry I haven't been on here at all for a week :'( ibe had a bit of a crappy stressy week, but ill explain all that in my pm in a few minutes!



    They're on the verge of being a couple now :D they're so cute together!

    Hayley Williams is a godess! Just like Matt's a god:p


    :chuckle: I have a new wife now.. I now have 2 wives and 3 husbands:chuckle:




    I might do the training thing, it'll get me my pledges so I can go to Prom!

    :ninja: why god, why did I like Breaking Dawn? WHY?! (:chuckle: I'm not really into soppy films :p)




    :) it went okay I guess, I had to memorise 2 pages! I have another English Narrative Writing exam in a few weeks:'(


    Today's been better than the last week which is great! I feel extra loved today :p


    How've you been the past week?


    Sorry again, I'll pm you in a few minutes.


    Love you too!


  9. (don't worry about it ;))


    Of course you're not like that! You're a genuinely really nice person who actually cares for the girls you like:happy:

    She's OBSESSED with Tom now:facepalm::chuckle: I'm her wing person, I have to talk to Tom about her and find out information about him! it's quite fun actually!

    I hate the nose septum piercing as well:noey: Hayley Williams has one, but she hardly ever wears it!


    I've mentioned you to a couple of my friends :p we got into a conversation about husbands and wives, so I mentioned all mine: Liam, You, Hollie and Tyler (:


    It's good that she finally accepted it after all your hard work! Stupid teacher:indiff::chuckle:


    That sounds cool! I think they do something like that for the year 11's at my school!

    :ninja: I enjoyed it actually, I'm ashamed:facepalm: (every girl needs a soppy girly film in their system...)


    Awwrh thank you!

    :chuckle: We were bored so we just flopped to the floor!


    2 and a half hours?! I wouldn't survive!!


    I had a happy and stressful day thanks! Happy because it was Liams birthday, so yay for that, and nay because of our English Descriptive Writing exam!


    Love you!


  10. :chuckle: well I guess most guys are like that nowadays, not every guy, just most!

    She was depressed again today so we had a really good heart to heart talk :happy: she was better after that!

    Face piercings just look a mess:indiff:


    :facepalm: no it wasn't good!


    :wtf: that's just stupid! Not accepting work because you did too much! That's pathetic! You should've been rewarded for doing too much!


    :happy: leadership training? Sounds cool, what kind of leadership?

    I'm going to see *cough* Breaking Dawn*cough* Part 1 on Sunday... :ninja::unsure:


    It was fun today :happy: I have some piccy's to show you from Music today, a few of us stayed behind for an hour

    [spoiler=Piccy's!]You can't see us very well but that's meh and Liam:happy: I was showing him how to play something on the piano!



    Yesh me and Hollie are cool for laying on the floor on the middle of the music classroom!



    Concentrating so hard playing guitar...




    What did you do today?


    Love you!


  11. Hai!


    I've been talking to my friend Heather about it and she says that he tries to get with every girl he meets, so it's normal apparently! :chuckle: thankfully Liam's never met Tom, I'm glad that they've never met cause they'd end up fighting! Tom's a really nice lad but I just don't see them getting along:chuckle: That's what I've been telling her! She says she's gonna wait for him to ask her:rolleyes: She's all depressed about not having a boyfriend so she might as well ask Tom out, he's totally her type! Longish black hair, kinda cute, band tee's, bright skinny jeans (leopard print this week!), loves A7X, lip piercing.. So her type. That's not my type, I hate face piercings-.-

    :noey: yep you are!


    :happy: awwh thanks! I went to the bootcamp show yesterday to watch some of the acts she put through... :facepalm: I'm not trying to be rude but there was a pianist there that was, just no:facepalm:


    Agh schoolwork! I have piles at the moment! I just wrote 6 paragraphs for my English exam prep for the exam on Tuesday, did 3 more sources on my History Coursework, and did loads if science sheets! Too much!


    :happy: I had a good day thanks, just the usual stuff! Any weekend plans coming up?


    We have non-uniform day Friday:dance: I'm wearing my Dave Grohl t-shirt, yesh!


    Love you!


  12. :happy: Hi!


    I've had a lovely day thank you! I've been at the regal again tonight! I've noticed that my friend Tom was acting a little bit too friendly with me tonight! He layed down across a chair so his head was resting on my leg, I just shuffled over like "um okay then" then he deliberately sat so his leg was touching mine, then he was ruffling and messing with my hair, and he was staring... Oh Tom:noey: to make it worse, Hollie has a little crush on Tom! Thankfully she wasn't in the room when all of this happened! Oh and when everyone hugged at the end of the session Tom kind of picked me up again when he hugged me. I'm confused!


    Hehe thanks :) we didn't get through ''/ I blame Leanne Fotherigham - she was incharge of auditions. Have you heard of her? She goes to my school, she thinks she's a celebrity because she was in the top four of a Disney Channel singing contest:rolleyes: anyway, because she didnt know us personally, she didn't put us through:indiff: she only put through the contestants who were her friends or who were in year 7! So lots of really good acts didn't go through!


    How was your day?


    Love you!


  13. Hi :)


    Are you okay? We haven't spoken in a few days, i miss talking to you:supersad:


    Love you!


  14. :happy:


    It's free from the app store! :)


    :chuckle: I'm eco-friendly-ish...


    I think i did well on the exam, well I hope I did! I wasn't feeling too well halfaw through it so I hope that won't affect my grade!


    I got back from my audition about half an hour ago! We performed well, however the keyboard I used didn't have a sustain pedal so it didnt sound as great as it does with a pedal :indiff: I wanna get through!! I posted a cover on YouTube of the song we performed, it's only piano though ;)


    :happy: thanks!

    He loves Muse too! He's met Dom!!!!:eek:


    I'll reply to your pm in about half an hour ish? I'm having my tea;)


    How was your day?


    Love you!


  15. :chuckle: I haven't had time to read!


    :happy: I'm so addicted to it, I downloaded a solitaire app!


    :awesome:! Actually I only used three pieces of paper:yesey: I didn't want to use too much!


    I am stressing! It's not fair, we're not suppose to take this exam till June 2012! But they're making us do it about 7 months early!


    Aww well done Jack! Good report!


    I'm great thanks!


    We got our reports last week, I got E1's for all of my subjects :D and in history on Friday the deputy head teacher walked in and said "Can I have Jade and Hollie for 15 minutes please?" :eek: we just looked at eachother like :wtf:! She took us outside and said "can you go down to the conference room please? Mr Tarn (our head teacher) wants to see you." :eek::eek: we had no idea what was going on! When we got there there were about 8 other students stood outside the door. Mr Tarn came to the door and said "come in everyone, sit down please." so we sat down, Mr Tarn sat opposite me. He pulled out a big tin of quality streets and some orange juice from under the table and went "pass those round, everyone get a handful!" we were now seriously like "wtf is happening?!" anyway he finally told us why we were there, he wanted to congratulate us in person for being the 10 best students in year 10! :awesome: I was so pwoud of myself!


    How's your weekend been?

  16. :happy:


    I'm probably not gonna get it finished:chuckle:I'm still on page 46!


    Can you play Solitaire yet? :p






    :D I got them from Facebook pages and Muse.mu :awesome: I just printed them all :)


    Schools going fine thanks! I have my pwoper maths GCSE exam on Tuesday though:eek: Im worried about that!


    How's school going for you? :)


    Love you!


  17. :happy: thank you!




    :chuckle: they're all awesome :)


    :happy: I'm determined to read it all! And i need to read the Hobbit! I need to see the films when they come out!


    I find solitaire addictive now!


    Yesh you should watch it :)


    :chuckle: are they embarrassing pictures?


    I shall buy it soon!


    Yesterday i went shopping and added 60 new pictures to my Muse wall!


    I'll reply to your pm tomorrow, I'm going to bed as I'm back to school in the morning -.-


    Love you!


  18. Thank you so much for the lyrics! They're really awesome! How did you write them so quickly?! I need you lyric writing skills! :D


    :chuckle: that's a good idea, i may try that soon!


    :D we had loads of fun rolling down the hill, and sledding on it as well!



    All of the Regal group are weird in their own way, like Louise: different hair colour everytime you see her, she has a shaved style too! Touchy Feely Tom: well he's touchy and Feely, Tyler: in his own little word sometimes! :chuckle: you get the point. Don't get me wrong they're all lovely sweet people, they're just weird sometimes!


    Thanks again for the lyrics:kiss:


    I hope to read it all before Christmas, in my dreams! I'll try and explain, well you have to get each card suite in individual piles going from Ace to King. To make your suite piles you have to have 4 lines of cards that go: (R=Red, B=Black)

    R King

    B Queen

    R Jack

    B 10

    R 9 ... All the way down to Ace. The card colours have to alternate between R & B!

    So if you manage to get your four lines then you can put them into their piles from Ace to King! That explanation was pretty crap...:LOL:


    It's a good film however I prefer Captain America, so if you get to pick between the two pick Capt. A!


    Any weekend plans, besides the party?


    Love you!



    edit: im buying a new bag and i dont know which onw to go for, will you help me decide which bag to buy? :)


    I love this one 'cause it's my favourite colour and the Joker is awesome



    But I love this one as well 'cause Batman's amazing :p



    There's a marvel hero comic one that's awesome!


  19. :chuckle:

    I keep trying to set her up with people but she refuses them all! Even boys who'd be perfect for her:chuckle: like Cullen, they'd be perfect for eachother!


    :eek: we couldn't drive in the snow:noey: we couldnt even get out of our street because we're on a steep hill!


    :happy: the good thing is that the people I mentioned are the only people who go, so I know and get along with everyone :)

    :chuckle: that's Heathers nickname for him, he tries to get with every girl he meets! He ends up making out with most of them!


    Yeah you can add more :) feel free to change anything :)


    Hmm today I started reading The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. I'm on page 46 of 1690! I learnt how to play Solitaire and now I'm watching The Green Lantern!


    I've replied :)


    Love you!


  20. :chuckle:


    She'd never allow it! She does love Liam as a friend but everytime she'd see him in the room she'd get depressed because she doesn't have a boyfriend!




    :eek: February?! Could you use cars? How did you get anything done?!


    :happy: the Regal's an old cinema from years and years ago (way before I was born). It's used for small shows and performances now so there's music sessions running every Monday! I go with quite a few of my friends: Hollie, Heather, Juliet, Tyler, Cullen, Josh, Louise, Chloe, Danielle, Andrew, Jordan, Jordan (2 Jordans!), Katie, Billy, Charlotte, and Touchy Feely Tom!

    Aw thankyou that's sweet of you! We do have some lyrics but they're not that good

    [spoiler=Lyrics]Thats why we dream alone,


    You're my worst nightmare and my sweetest dream,

    Only you can hear my screams,

    That's why we dream alone,


    Sometimes I look at you and I look into your eyes,

    I notice the way you think about Nightmare with a smile,

    But you think it's Dreams making your life worthwhile.

    Why is it so hard for you to decide which you love more?

    Dreams or...



    That's why we dream alone.



    The regal dudes helped up with those :chuckle:






    My day is good so far thanks! It's 9:44 and I haven't got up yet so I'm having a lay in!


    How was your day?


    Love you


  21. Thanks for the request :happy:

  22. :happy:


    :eek: you don't understand my love for Gaga! I think she's amazing! :chuckle: I actually prefered Adele when she wasn't that famous :chuckle: she can sing though (:


    :D it's a dream room :)

    I don't think they allow boys and girls sharing rooms? Do they? I don't know :chuckle: Holl wouldn't be impressed if he moved in!



    Like a mini Chris!




    :chuckle: it sounds complicated (if it has the word Legal in it I automatically assume that it's complicated!)


    :happy: the snow was awesome, it just stayed for foo long though! It's fun for a week but after that I'm sick of it! (:




    I had a fun day thanks :) went to the garden centre and then the regal! Speaking if the regal, could you help me with some song lyrics? Im stumped I can't think of anything! The chords I'm using are Am, G, C and F! It kinda goes: Am, G, C, F, G, Am, C, F. Something like that!


    I'll reply to your pm now ;)


    Love you!


  23. Sorry for the late reply :( (my muse app still hasn't been working pwoperly!)


    I find Alejandro a tad annoying :chuckle: 98% :yesey: the 2% that can sing are Gaga and Adele (ADELE IS AWESOME!)


    :chuckle: we didn't actually discuss that part, we only talk about what our bedroom's gonna look like :chuckle: half of the room Muse, half Avenged Sevenfold:yesey:


    :awesome: it's really good! :happy: your hair was fine (;


    Haha! I had that in my head in my meeting! I didn't say it though:rolleyes: I said I had no idea what career I want, my tutor said that was fine. She showed me some websites, end of meeting!


    :LOL: you don't know her job yet?


    Aww noes! You'll have to come to England for Christmas! Then you'll get stuck in the 5foot snow :)


    It went a lot better than I thought it would :happy: I finished within 25 minutes so I had over half an hour to edit and make it better :) Thanks (:


    I'm having a chill day thanks :) I'm going to my cousins house in about 10 minutes so I'll reply to your pm when I get back ;)


    Love you


  24. :)




    :awesome: Lady G can actually sing, unlike 97% of modern pop artists:rolleyes:

    yes, yes it is:yesey:


    :D we've already planned our life out:chuckle: we're gonna be roomates when we/if we go to college or university:yesey:


    :awesome: can't wait to hear it!


    We have to talk to our tutors about what we want to do when we leave school.. I have no idea!


    Awwr that's nice for you, does she live close to you? what job did she get?


    Aw noes! That sucks! I hope you get to spend at least one night here, can you rebook it if she gets better?


    I've had a bit of a stressful day actually! I had a Spanish GCSE exam which counts for 25% of your final grade and I seriously thought I'd lost all of my history coursework... It was in the back of my book:chuckle:


    Anything happen today?


    I'll reply to your pm tomorrow, I'm half asleep at the minute!


    Love you!


  25. :happy: yep we did


    :chuckle: nah the teacher kindly printed out sheets with information on everything we've coverd :happy:



    I really hope you do! Good :)

    Pop music is quite crap. However, Lady GaGa = :awesome::yesey:

    Take That are awesome, my favourite is Rule the World 'cause I love the movie Stardust! "yeah you and me we can ride on a star, if you stay with me girl, we can rule the world!"




    :chuckle: I'm fine now thanks. No we can't! We really can't, we need eachother to survive!


    :awesome: is it on youtube? If it is can you give me a link? I wanna hear it!


    I've had a homework filled revision weekend! Preparing for my Spanish exam on Tuesday (i have to memorise 2 pages of Spanish, it's ridiculous!)

    And a maths exam after half term! We break up on Wednesday however we have to come into school Thursday for a student path way day:rolleyes:


    How was your weekend?

    Any week plans?


    Love you!


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