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    Horse riding, Stalking Matt Bellamys and Kate Hudsons lifes, Muse, The Sims 3, Laughing
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    Muse, The Vaccines, Coldplay, Nirvana, Vicky Cryer, Queen, Crystal Castles, Biffy Clyro, Ok Go, The Kinks, The Kooks, The Strokes, The Smiths, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Sleigh Bells, Cage The Elephant, Hurts, Movits! and The Kills.
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    Sherlock Holmes <3, The Skeleton Key, The Shining, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Tourist, Edward Scissorhands, Monthy Python and The Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Harry Potter, Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging.
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    Top Gear!!
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    House of night, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter.
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo 2 Disc, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, HAARP 2 Disc, The Making of The Resistance, The Resistance
  1. Hi, Muser! I wish you very very Happy Christmas and Pwoper New Year. Cheers! :D

  2. That is sooo cute:rolleyes:

  3. Nooooo HE IS GORGEOUS AND CAN PLAY GUITAR!!!:happy: You are very lucky:D

  4. Wait, is that your boyfriend?:eek:

  5. No that's another guy haha:p I've decided to broke up, cause this guy i'm with is just wierd, he just isn't my type:stunned: I don't like him really and I've got no idea how it could develop into a "relationship"...

  6. Woooaah that would so not happen in my school!!:eek: Or anywhere in Sweden like oh my god...Sounds like they are a bit dumb? And don't give a fuck about those who tells you mean stuff, they are veeery insecure and needs to feel cool cause they don't got any natural swag ;) I wish it happened more stuff in my life, cause my life is stress and boyfriends problems and homework. I think I've been loosing a lot of hair cause it's a lot thinner than it was a half year ago, probably because of this fucking stress from school!!!:mad:

  7. Nope, but I've played piano and I like playing drums :p how about you?

  8. Of course :) Do you play an instrument?

  9. Every single song I guess :p

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