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  1. Was good tonight. SECC was a better venue than Manchester's cricket ground!. Was really good to hear Starlight. Was thinking no way when the crowd started asking for it! ( personally thought they'd still do Hysteria! Meh wasn't missed too much though tbh )
  2. Hey all can't believe they're back in the UK again already! And unlike the last tour I don't have to travel all the way to Manchester to see 'em In fact I am on the same train line as the Exhibition Crnter so it'll be direct there and hopefully back... But can anyone actually confirm when they'll get out? I'm seeing/hearing 11pm mentioned but hoping its slightly earlier as last train is 11:10 Anyway still looking forward to tonight and seeing them in Scotland for the first time Edit: also my ticket says doors open at 06:30 (???) so I'll be there for 6pm
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