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  1. They wrote a status on Facebook to both countries saying we have a tour announcement coming on the new year. I guess they're using some kind of filter because I can't find it anywhere. But you can see screenshots from people on instagram. They even wrote "Denmark - we haven't forgotten about you!". Great to hear as a Swede Man they really do hate us
  2. "@sirchutney #Muse sound like Coldplay mixed with Radiohead and Queen. But even more whiney. Here come the lasers again. Yawn. What's next, beach balls? I expect so #Muse" Someone's not impressed..
  3. [YT] [/YT] There's also The 2nd Law-posters all around Stockholm aswell. "The Säcken Låå"
  4. What's the easiest/cheapest way to travel from the airport? Any trains, taxi? Too lazy to look it up right now..
  5. Yes, Helsinki I stood right behind them pretty much. At around 8:30.. [YT] [/YT] "Bliss pl0x? <3 messageboard"
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