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  1. I think we sould be music photographers))it will allow us to meet muse:D

  2. Wow))I have 75$:D but i haven't ticket for the plane..))))))i should sum up and sum up:D How is life in university?:D

  3. How did the ticket cost?I want to start to sum up money:^D

  4. I am really happy for you!:)))It is really amazing!:D

  5. I see you are on avatar with Dom:D

  6. WOW! You are VERY LUCKY!:D Did you meet him with other fans after a gig? I hope they would visit far east of Russia at least in old age like Alice Cooper did (if they would). Was it hard to meet him?:)) I think i should start to save up money to visit one day their gig...I am dreaming of it:))))))


    How you been up to?

  7. Hello Lumiere!:D How are you keeping?:)Muse has visited your city, you are so lucky!:) How was the gig?:D

  8. You helped me very much:D Thank you:) i am reading my topic on Thursday:))I hope i would get an ex. mark:D

  9. Thank you:D (sie sie in Chinese:D) I hope i woudn't have much problems with it:)

  10. I am too!:))I enter the university and now study Chinese language there:)

  11. Hello Tellytots!:D How are you keeping?))

  12. Hello!:)How are you keeping?))

  13. i am ok!^)))Where do you live?:)))))))

  14. Hello:))))))How are you?:D

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