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  1. congrats on becoming worst mod! alot happens in 3 months. :LOL:

  2. did i ever say, i think you are just TOO cool!!! :D

  3. lol, ntm..just veggin. had a crazy night, and i start my new job on monday so i'm just takin 'er easy! :D

  4. i am so friggen JEALOUS!!!! lucky! :indiff:

  5. om ghtat's awesome!! they're my favorite to sing at karaoke..they were like my fav. band all through high school. aaaahh i love them. :happy:

  6. ooh, i love your undertitle btw! the microphone explodes shattering the moulds, either drop the hits like de la o, or get the fuck off the commode.. :awesome:

  7. not bad, just wishing i had a job.. it's been a pretty shitty last year, hopefully things start looking up for me!

  8. holla holla holla :D

  9. so when i was up in the yukon a couple weeks ago, i visited the sign forest, check these out..







  10. canucks are playin for the cup. HA!

  11. heh, thanks. just rockin it up north in dease lake. working serving at a restaurant up here for the summer.

  12. lol, whaddup? =)

  13. you're hot. just sayin. :D

  14. amii, i totally saw your doppleganger on the bus yesterday, it was trippin me out!

  15. gary, stop trying to suck all guys dicks on this board!!

  16. gary, youre a goof. ed, yup yup yup yup.. thats all . :LOL:

  17. there was like no one in banter for like almost an hour..i was just playin. :yesey:

  18. omg kev its like a party in here right now, i cant believe the boards havent froze up!

  19. thankyou!! :D ive already sent out 40 so hopefully i hear something soon!

  20. what do you think?





  21. get off the boards1

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