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    SECC, Glasgow - October 24th 2012
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  1. No Scottish dates? Bugger. Looks like I'll either be trying to convince someone to come down to Manchester with me or waiting for the next tour... I am disappoint.
  2. Ah ha, finally a response! Unsurprisingly though, no tickets here But Crowdsurge are at least responding to emails, they're just being painfully slow about it. Don't lose hope! And good luck to everyone in the presale and general sale tomorrow. This is my first Muse gig, but from what I've heard, I expect it to be chaos.
  3. *Whoah, long time, no see. Need to start actually posting on these boards * But yeah, still no email here either. Sent a message to Crowdsurge about an hour and a half ago and have heard nothing back from them. Starting to get just a little annoyed...
  4. I got so angry at this person's blindness that I myself also made a video. How many people must do this before she/he (with the way they talk about R Patz I hope it's a she) sees the light!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5y94eSIhQA ^ there's the link if you wanna see my response
  5. I don't know if it has already been mentioned but I recently finished Les Miserables by Victor Hugo after going to see the musical nd I was blown away.
  6. So funny =D He seemed to bounce as he played. There was a comment on the video that read : 'He's obviously just hitting the drums not actually playing them' lol you don't say
  7. Aaaa, I never saw any of the merch, only just discovered this. *sigh* so sad......
  8. And one more today. I would also like to point out where the quotes came from just in case anyone is interested. 1.Pwoper fish- Comes from Hullabaloo Disc 2 where Muse go fishing 2.Girls voice- From...somewhere I'l try to find then EDIt it in 3.You idiot!- Dom yelling at Matt for being thick and getting the answer wrong during the Muse game in Australia (A very interesting interview =]) 4.Quite a laugh- A really crazy interviewer absolutely pissing himself over more or less nothing during a KROQ interview.
  9. Another one for you! I would also like to squee at the fact that your icon is of The Master, Cheesymittens!
  10. First post! =D Just a couple of Muse t-shirts I made using Paint. I apologise for the poor quality . Might make more if any ideas come to me.
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