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    Showbiz, OOS, Absolution, BAR, The resistance, HAARP, Hulabaloo.
  1. yes please:D:D:D glorious dead star shrinking univearse forced in
  2. yeah i know they are quit weird and probably wrong, but some are intresting
  3. Hi guys i don't think anyones done a thread for resistance but meh.But do of you guys think resistance is underated?
  4. Albums: showbiz OOS Absolution BHAR the resistance Live albums: HAARP Hullabaloo Singles: all of them Other stuff: out of this world the story of muse posters
  5. I love this song one of the best songs on absolution it's a heavy song like most of the stuff on absolution but there's something about it.
  6. I would say that unatural selection sounds a bit like newborn our space dementia
  7. Uprising supermassive blackhole take a bow starlight plug in baby hysteria sunburn feeling good knights of cydonia unitended
  8. What do you consider the heavist muse songs
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