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  1. Kenton midistream wireless midi system for sale £300. Ebay link below or alternatively comment on this thread or send me a PM about it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302716121625?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  2. hey mate,


    which part of london are you in? I'm just trying to find ways i can help you with deliver to avoid any extra costs for you!





  3. for sale i have an Ibanez JS1000 which has been refinished by top class luthier Martin Simms. As you can see it has been finished in Chrome with a mix of blues and purple candy colours making this a truly unique instrument. The guitar is in top quality condition and will come with the original hard case too. Price £1100. any questions feel free to ask....
  4. i have a very unique and rare opportunity to own a guitar of which there have only been 18 made with no plans to make any more. The majority of you will probably have a pretty good guitar about what this guitar is all about! The MB-2se was a limited run of only 18 guitars and was the first 100% true replica of any of Matts guitars. the guitar is in flawless condition with not a mark on it anywhere. includes the flighcase pictured as well as all other case candy which came with the guitar, including certificate of authenticity both hand signed by Hugh Manson and Matt Bellamy himself. Price wise i'd be looking for around £5000 but would also be open to offers of a sensible nature. If anyone wants anymore info feel free to drop me a message
  5. Hi All, So i'm one of the lucky 18 owners of the Manson MB2se's. I'm thinking of selling.... possibly.... maybe... so i thought i'd just test the waters and see if there is anyone who could be seriously interested. its in 100% mint condition and comes with the flight case and all the other goodies it came with originally. as i say i'm not 100% on selling at the moment just want to see if theres any serious interest.. thanks Ross
  6. When I last spoke to Adrian they were hoping to get them ready for the anniversary of the manson guitar show which I believe was in October? So what are these goodies :-p
  7. hi all. It's been a while since i've been on here so thought i would say hey again I've managed to get my name down on a MB-2!! so excited also was wondering if anyone had any more info on this guitar as im very tempted to get something the same made
  8. right well thats the MB-1 traded in and used for me deposit for a shiny new MB-2 Well excited!!. now its time for the 7 month wait!! Apparently they are still deciding on wood but its more than likely going to be poplar. They are also going to try and make it as close as possible to being identical to Matts one. So they are doing away with the killbutton and i'm guessing they will mount the intensity knob too.
  9. yes thats how they are wired and i can confirm it does have a push/pull pot. Sending my deposit next week and they are holding one for me according to adrian they will be done around june time
  10. Well just got back from Mansons and i've got an MB-2 put back for me looking to trade my MB-1 in so just got to see what kind of money i will get for that before 100% committing. The current demo MB-2 SE is one of 2 prototypes. The current one is made of mahogany and they are making a second one out of poplar and going to compare the two and make a decision on which one to use. they are also still wondering whether to mount the sustainer intensity control pot on the front like the original M1D1 black and also thinking they will do away with the push button kill switch. Looks stunning in the flesh but sounds like there might be a change or two before the final models are made! Also sounds like they will only ever make 20 and Adrian said to me that that might even drop to 15!!!
  11. there will be plenty of photos and more than a couple videos i can assure you Yeah i'll let you know how the neck is too. why do you ask? are you thinking of buying a guitar from Phil?
  12. Yeah the edges have been beveled like the mirror Kaoss. quite hard to see in that photo but should be good. Phil said he was pretty happy with the weight of it too. i guess the routing for the fuzz phase and sustainer took quite a bit of weight off.
  13. Yeah Phils been making it for me It's taken quite a while but hes been really busy with stuff and to begin with it took me a while to get the money together. but know its all paid for and hopefully should be delivered in the next week or so will post some videos once i have it in my hands
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