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  1. If anyone needs a free ride to the theater that day, I can give you one. I live in Flushing/Whitestone, if your place is not too far from the route to the theater, I can come pick you up. Message me if you are interested.
  2. Really appreciate you read this detailedly When I quote "Time is running out", I meant the Live version. But I guess you're right, sometimes I mistook P-90s for nomal single-coils. However, to my ear, I still think that no matter what pickups Manson has, it still produces a bright sound, even with heavy-distortion, it's like a unique bright distorted sound. So it's more like a humbucking/P-90 Fender, not as fat and deep as Gibson. And you're right, M1D1 Black is especially bright, but that fits my opinion, too. And I don't know if you noticed, the M1D1 Black has been the main guitar in Muse Lives. Many songs Matt plays uses this guitaar, doesn't he? Hey, I'm also in NY
  3. Hello everyone!  Sadly I'm one. So I have been spending a lot of time searching for a guitar closest to Matt's Manson, in tones and sounds. And now also after long time listening and looking, I think I have the answer: the HSS Start (sometimes SSS Start) or HH tele.  Generally, and quite natually, we would think that a Gibson/Epiphone is the most similar guitar to Manson, since they both are famous for the fat overdriven sounding, and have the same HH position. And Matt even used a Gibson LP DC Lite as his main guitar during his early Showbiz Live. I also had this kind of opinion for quite a long time.  But recently I found I was wrong. It is NOT:  1. If you listen carefully, you will find that most of the songs' rhythm guitar lines (the guitar lines backing his vocal) produce a much Fender-like "twang" sound (Time is running out, Darkshine, etc). And this happens more in studio version, because Matt uses more gain on his Live (maybe he switchs neck to bridge). (Supermassive black hole, Knights of Cydonia, etc)  2. Look at the Manson guitars, all of the neck pickups are P-90s (Manson MBK-1) or Fernandes Sustainer. SO they are single coils. They are not humbucker (MBK-2 or MBK-3) (Look at the dots on the pickup). So they actually are HS guitars. (M1D1 Black even has two P-90s as the bridge pickup. I don't know why Matt is so in love with P-90 xD). While all Gibson have HH or P-90/P-90.  3. The overdrive. They produce kind of a BRIGHTER sound, even for their darkest metal song (Stockholm Syndrome, The small print), which could easily be disinguished from other metal (Listen to a metal song, then listen to Muse). It is like a bridge pickup overdriven Start or Tele. While Gibson are much fatter and deeper, and not the same kind. Further, I guess the Gibson LP DC Lite was also less fatter and deeper. And Matt did use a Tele during "Battle of Bands" before they were signed ( ).  4. I find some musicians, who switched from Gibson to Fender, said that the Gibson sound are too fat that even affects the vocal performance during Live shows. So maybe Matt has the same kind of thoughts, so his Manson are more like Fender.  So in conclusion, in my opinion, a Fender/Squier HSS Start or HH Tele produces the most similar sounding and tone to Matt's Manson, but not Gibson. And hopefully, we could all get a real amazing Manson one day!  PS: I recently find the new Fender Blacktop Tele sounds so much like the Manson! Not to mention the shape and the silver finish! Strongly recommand to check that.  Thank you all for taking your time reading that!  We Muse and Muse fans are the universe!
  4. I'm a guitar beginner and looking for my first guitar. Two guitars have come into my decision, the Yamaha Pacifica 112v and Epiphone SG G-400. I can't decide which one is better for me. The pacifica 112v is $300 and the g-400 is $350 in us. So just ingnore the price cuz $50 is not a big difference unless one is not worth the money. I personally prefer the Yamaha 112v because the shape is a lot like Matt's Manson xD, and they both have alder tele neck, rosewood fingerboard, even the same silver colour! But as I said I am just a beginner who has been learning guitar for 2 months and only know a little about the guitar. and I care more about the "inside" than only the "look". So please give me some advice that if which one has the better sounding, playing or longer lifetime value, then I'll choose that one. By the way, my final goal is to do cover of muse songs! So please take into consideration about which one is better for covering Muse songs. I appreciate for all your help and thank you all in advance.
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