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    Muse, Chameleon Circuit, the Killers, The verve, Bi-2, O-Zone, (there are tons more but too much to think about)
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    Doctor who
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    Atlanta Gwinnet Stadium... so far that's it but i know there will be more!
  1. Hi! I'm selling my Exogenesis Vinyl Record from the record day sale a few years ago. It's still in its original packaging and everything, I'm just trying to de-clutter my life so I have to let go of it anyways, here's the ebay link for anyone interested in buying! Thanks! http://www.ebay.com/itm/MUSE-Record-Exogenesis-Symphony-Parts-1-3/160863614403?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=006&category=306&cmd=ViewItem#ht_500wt_1414
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