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  1. exactly, and as someone else said the moment tickets pop up they let everybody in. So the first one is lucky and the rest gets thrown out
  2. It's just a really small venue. Of course you have to be lucky and get through at exactly the right second
  3. keep trying i was through for one second and after selecting ticket they were gone again
  4. That are stories indeed, refresh your instagram and search for muse. You see their muse pic collored with live under it And what ProjektXtal syas. Use a phone or tablet
  5. Showbiz: - Sunburn 2x - Unintended Origin of Symmetry - New Born 3x - Bliss 3x - Plug in Baby 4x - Citizen Erased - Feeling Good 2x Absolution - Apocalypse Please 2x - Time is Running Out 5x - Stockholm Syndrome - Interlude 4x - Hysteria 4x - Butterflies and Hurricanes - Blackout Black Holes and Revelations - Take a Bow 3x - Starlight 5x - Supermassive Black hole 5x - Map of the Problematique 2x - Knights of Cydonia 5x The Resistance - Uprising 5x - Resistance 4x - Undisclosed Desires 3x - United States of Eurasia - Guiding Light 2x - Unnatural Selection - MK Ultra The 2nd Law: - Supremacy 2x - Madness 4x - Panic Station 2x - Survival 2x - Follow me 2x - Animals 2x - Explorers - Liquid State 2x - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 2x - The 2nd Law: Isolated System 4x Drones: - Dead Inside 2x - Psycho 2x - Mercy 2x - Reapers 2x - The Handler 2x - The Globalist 2x B-Sides/Others: - Nishe - MK Jam - Dracula Mountain - Monty Jam 2x - Munich Jam 2x
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