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  1. hi guys, anyone got Reaper midi file? :D:D:D
  2. I think the link I posted probably isn't the best example for the sound I'm after. This performance is probably the best. Around 39 seconds to be specific. Digging around online I think an auto-wah pedal might do the trick.
  3. has anyone got any recommendations on how to achieve a similar guitar tone to Matt's around the absolution period? specifically this performance. Sounds like a lot of wah but using my cry baby makes the wah to intense. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  4. I've been trying to work out this little lick matt does at 6:20 during the psycho riff for ages but cant figure it out. Anyone reckon they could figure it out? :D
  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one, though something was faulty tbh. Is there anything that can be done about it?
  6. Ok so my mbc 1 turned up today with a sustainiac upgrade which works as expected, but when I turn on my fuzz factory the sustained notes fade out after about 6 seconds. Any ideas why this may be? Or is the sustainiac and fuzz factory not completely compatible with one another? The fuzz factory is external btw, not built in.
  7. Used to absolutely adore them pre-resistance era, would watch every interview, every live performance, no band even came close. Now with each album release and tour my excitement has diminished a fair amount. When I really think about it they simply don't excite me the way they used to, their albums are just bland and their live shows (with exceptions) are just boring and lack any sort of emotion. I can't really see my opinion changing much in the future because I simply cannot see them changing their style or attitude towards their music. The only way I'd see my love truly rekindled is if they just disregarded the casual fanbase and just went pure mental on the next album/tour.... but being real this is muse and it won't happen. Sad times.
  8. Would have to be Stockholm Syndrome surely? the only song that can be extended for multiple minutes afterwards of pure riffing and stage trashing. Any performance from 2004 would be quite fitting.
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