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  1. Hi Guys, I am desesperately looking for a standing ticket for Basel, I live in Geneva, I am doing many Muse gigs during the tour, Basel is the only one close to my place but it is also the only for which I didnt manage to get a ticket haha PLEASE URGENT !
  2. hey do you still have the ticket for Birmingham? I'd love it !!!!! cheers

  3. Hi, I do have ticket for budapest too, but I am not sure which one they are, standing or seating.... Do you have the one at 21900 HUF, PL1 ?that's the one I have

  4. Hi. I'd like you two tickets for Birmingham if yous till have them. thanks

  5. Cause I was defendind myself for what i've been blamed! cheers everyone who are up for this : I didnt mean to "organize" the thing by myself, I just wanted to start a thread and so everyone could give his ideas about what a great meeting could be
  6. WOOOO I've actually just read my private message Spectrum IV Bleed if I want to Spectrum IV's Avatar Join Date: 04 July 2009 Location: NSW, Australia Age: 20 Facebook icon Xbox Live icon You Tube icon Thread moved Hi there, I've moved your thread to Banter, as that's the correct forum for meetup threads. This is just a friendly reminder for future reference. Good luck with the meet! __________________ My post have been moved to the non muse part, I POSTED IT ON THE MUSE PART Dont need apologies
  7. Woua dude I dont know what is wrong with you ; having a bad day or is this your normal mood? I've always met really nice and cheerful Musers (I thought they all were) you're definetely not part of these! 1rst : I am a girl ! You couldnt know, fine 2nd : I definetely didnt pay attention while posting the message on the non-muse part and I am sorry for that, I am going to change this. 3rdThank you for your amazing cleverness ; I've been to the game Chris organized last saturday, I met him, talked to him, made a picture with him, and I met a nice Muser called Shannon ; after that I came up with the idea of the meeting, so I could met other Musers like her (once more you're SO not included) 4- : I am French, so excuse me for the language mistakes I could have done (you look so clever you definetely speak another language fluently do you?); by British people I meant people living in UK of course, or if anyone want to travel to come, he is welcome but I doubt Americain Musers would fly 10 hours only for that, wouldnt they? 5- yeah I dont post that much here, but I read a lot, and when I see posts like yours, dont be surprised if I dont answer ! I'll conclue with THIS A MUSER FORUMS MEANT FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE MUSE WHO ALWAYS YEAR FOR MORE THAN JUST GOING TO GIG and even if your cynicism seems to habe eaten you up, I am sure lot of people will be glad to be part of this meeting.
  8. Hi Dear Beloved Musers I'd like to set up a meeting for British Musers (probably in London) ; I know some Musers who have done that in NY I think... It could be an awesome oppurtunity to meet some new friends, share our experience during gigs/meeting with Chris, Matt or Dom, sharing pics, videos etc... obvisouly just talk about Muse. To be honest I dream about this for a looooooooog time and since the wait is going to be long until next album/gigs, I thought the time would look shorter if we wait all together. JUST SPREAD THE WORD ON TWITTER, FACEBOOK, WHEREVER YOU HAVE MUSER FRIENDS Who would be possibly in so we know if it's worth trying to organize something? Cheers Musers
  9. hi everyone! anyone heard about where Muse could be recording in London? other question ; anyone knows what the Italian Studio place has became? They resell it i guess?
  10. I have KoC HAARP Verison starting at "COME ON WEMBELEYYYY" for hard mornings, I got Undisclosed Desires, pretty good as a ringtone, then Starlight was cool too, but at the moment I have THE GROOVE riff which is REALLY EPIC
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