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Status Updates posted by knightofcydonia

  1. Aww, Wind Sorcerer said it before me: you're L!! He's the best! Book 7 :supersad:...

  2. Happy Birthday! :party:

  3. Haha I see! :awesome:. Well, yay for both bands! You're welcome!

  4. Happy birthday! :party:

  5. No problem! :happy: Hope it's been nice

  6. (I know you will probably not read this, but still...)

    :happy: Congratulations on your new baby!

  7. *sneak in*


    I love your icon picture. I'm a Trekkie, so... yeah! :happy:


    *sneak out*

  8. *sneak in*

    Hi fellow Vancouverite! :happy: How are you?

    (Go Canucks! They better beat Chicago tomorrow...)

  9. I just want to say THANK YOU for all you do! Muse concerts, movies, spoofs, randoms, everything, it's all great :yesey:. Thanks :happy:

  10. L from Death Note! Cool avatar :D

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