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  1. You're welcome! :happy:


    It's been really busy for me too. My internship is taking up a lot of time. I was considering dropping a course too but I have to take 30 credits over the course of the year to continue to be eligible for my merit aid so I don't really have a choice. I wish I could though. You probably made the right decision it sounds like!


    I'm optimistic for next season! But then again, I've been optimistic for the last few years to no avail! We have two first round picks this year in the draft because of a trade we made a couple years ago, so that's pretty exciting!


    I miss winter break too! I'm happy to be back in DC and see my friends here, but I miss not having to worry about anything. Miss being to stay up all night and wake up at noon. It's also super cold here. It was cold at home too though. Snowed 5 or 6 inches Monday night and we got school of Tuesday! And we already had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, so we had a four day weekend :awesome:


    So in the midst of all that, I started Breaking Bad :LOL:. So X Files and Doctor Who are on hold for now. I'm flying through Breaking Bad though, it's so good!

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