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  1. Hey! :) sorry that I'm replying ridiculously late:$

    How are you? And any news around here? I really have to come to the board more often!! :(

    I guess i rediscovered my Muse love again lool it has always been here, i just lost touch with it for a while :chuckle: But I've been listening to OoS all week and Abso too today, so i guess the love is back and strong!! I actualy spent like two hours watching videos of Muse concerts that i went to on youtube and I was almost crying lool i'm sad, i know it :$:LOL: I miss them and i miss seeing them live so much!!! :( (okay, big part of me misses the Dom dreams too lol they werent erotic, he just taught me how to play drums, what i really want to learn!!)


    Well, sorry again for being so late. Hope everything is great with you!:D

  2. Hi =)

    God, this is funny, we both reply months later! Lol We are very busy people eheheh

    Sure, my e mail is bea_cscd@hotmail.com ;)

    And agreed, the only reason i came here was because i listened to OoS and Abs all day long lol i hadnt been feeling the muse love in a while and then it hit me so hard again xD


    School is fine, lots of papers and i actualy have an exam next monday, but hopefully i'll pass (whats gonna be pretty hard since i studied about 7 pages lool)


    You are going to Germany?? Awesome! :D U should be excited! Where are you going exactly? Berlin?

    I'm actualy thinking about doing an inter rail, but its very expensive and i cant chose the cities i really want to visit, there are so many!! :S


    Sorry for being so late (again :p)

  3. hi! did you get my reply?? :)

    Oh, and have a merry Christmas!! :D

  4. Hi! Im the worst muse penpal ever! I havent been here in over a month and exactly 20 days!! If i didnt know myself i would say i dont love Muse anymore... NOT! XD

    Sorry its been so long, but i got carried away with papers and presentations and parties too (of course ;))! And i just came here to wish you a meeeeerry Christmas!!! And have fun in New Years Eve!!! Get drunk, dance on tables, make out with someone you have never seen before, go crazy! Yay!! :p Jk, just have fun and sorry again for being so long :(

  5. But in my 1st year i had almost like no tests or papers in the 1st semester, so i guess i was lucky! 3-4 projects/week is a lot! but skipping some classes is okay, i have some that are just a total waste of my time -.-' so i just do the exam and in the end i usually pass, so its a good technique, even if the grades arent that awesome :$:LOL:

    yeah, the last club i went to was all rock music, so it was awesome! but some of the people there were just wierd, i mean, they can have that metal/goth look all they want, but some of them looked like skins and that im afraid im not cool with! im very peace and love hehe

    First its wierd because we all have so many news and we miss each other a lot but then it gets better! And a lot of your friends go to your uni? or another uni in that city? (whats the city's name btw?) I go to school in Lisbon and most of my friends too, so its easy to get together when we have a free afternoon or morning :)


    A two year break its a lot for me! I think i could never do that with Muse, after three months or so i would go bananas!

    Good to know you are buying a lot of cds then you ca tell me which ones are worth it! Im curious, is the kasabian one any good? i dont like all of their work, but i would like to know more about them! So, ill trust your judgement :happy:

    Poor you, every single weekend? that sound though! How long does it take to get from the city you are staying to Athens?

    Have a great November too and we will talk when you get back for a civilized place with internet :LOL:

    Have fun!! :kiss:

  6. Hi :D Great to know you are enjoying uni!! Its a lot of fun! But it also is a lot of work, i had tests for the past 2 weeks, but i also have exams in January! I guess this is suppost to make us catch up or something... :(

    But on the other hand im partying way more than last year, i really really missed Lisboa and its nights full of life, but most of all i missed my uni friends! But when im in uni i almost dont see my high school friends and that sucks too bah! :rolleyes:

    Im still in a break from Muse, but now its just not that radical, i still listen to them obv!! but i rediscovered my ancient passions like The Beatles (im buying their merch and everything hehehe), The Rolling Stones, i mean how could anyone dislike these amazing guys??! But i also found out i like Arctic Monkeys! I love the oldies but i need some fresh fuel too :D

    What about you? What have you been listening to?

    So you come back home every weekend? And are you totally in love with uni and making a load of friends?? Hope so!! ;)

  7. Hiii!! Sorry for being so long since our last chat!

    Ive just been disconected i guess, i was like only Muse for a long while and then i thought: its enough! and i stopped with my Muse adoration for a while (i could never stop, i just diled it down a bit hehe) And i redescovered some of my other passions like The Beatles (once again, this Beatles stage now comes and goes every month its amazing), Queen, Nirvana <3, the AMAZING Stones! I guess i went back to the old days! And i understood i should have been born in 1955 or something like that!

    Btw, i gave Arcade Fire a listen and i liked some songs but i sorry to tell you i didnt fell head over hills in love with them ;)

    But how are you?? How is uni going? And is your internet problem solved yet? Hope you are doing great!

    My type is nothing like Dom, okay its quite similar except for the hair! I love brown hair, green eyes (his beautiful eyes are green but from time to time i see a picture where they look brown or even gray) and kind of skinny people! And his aventurous side is fascinating and very appealing to me hehehe :D

    Missed being around here! And sorry again for this super duper late reply!! :(

  8. Hi! I know i havent been here in a long time and i'm sorry for the late reply!

    School started and i had freshmen to make fun of (muhahaha) and then the tests and papers, but i guess most of all i just needed a break from Muse because i only listened to them for months and months and i love them obv but i just needed something new for a tiny bit!

    But, how are you?? How is school? And what are you up to lately?

    And i was guessing you wouldnt like BS! I mean, she sucked even when she wasnt wasted or dropping babies on their heads xD

    (i missed being on the forum!!)

  9. I just saw the setlist! It looked awesome, even if i would trade some of the songs like GL or UD for NB or SD or even ToaDA! But its the best set ive seen in a long time and the people who were there must still be thrilled!! But whats up with all the bad reviews? About the sound and the screens?? People, you were in London watching Muse, cant you be happy? I would have killed for that! Ok, im being dramatic but it really sounded great!

    I wanted to be a model to show people that not all models are stupid! I think of myself as an average/smartish person: i like to read and find out info about subjects im interested in like science mostly and i guess i want to try everything before i say that it isnt for me... Im curious i guess!

    A singer?? Who were your idols? (Please dont say B. Spears :LOL: just kidding lol)

    What band was it? With the shirtless rockers??

  10. We are bad fans, look at us all happy because the setlist sucked :LOL: I actualy didnt saw the 11th setlist.. Shame on me :$ Was it any good? Or was it as bad as the 10th??

    Ohhh, i'm 1.70 too and people always say im tall for a girl and im the tallest of my friends! But you think its average :( I wish i was a bit taller though! 1.77 would be amazing i think, my ideal height! Then i could be a model like i used to dream as a child XD I think every girl dreams about that?

    He kept all his clothes on?? :( That sucks! lol my pervy self is on rockstar mode hehehe

    Its hillarious to watch people dance it! And actualy its quite disgusting too, its like they are humping each other legs! -.-' Get a room!

  11. So Wembley is over and i must confess i was a little happy when i read that day 10 sucked a bit :$ I know i shouldnt but i was soooo jealous! But it was Muse and im sure a lot of people had a blast and im happy for them actualy!

    How young were you? Are you calling me old?! :p No, jk, i watched it as a rerun a couple of years back xD I used to love the vampire theme, then it became way too trendy for me, with all the tweens daydreaming about Edward --' So i moved on, and i really cant find that guy hot...

    Loved the Matt vs Hugh Laurie reference! :LOL: I like to think of myself as an average/tall girl and now im thinking the guy is a giant.. I do have a crush on tall guys xD

    Did they performed in Greece friday? And he didnt took his shirt off?? Hehehe, he only does that to people he is trying to convince, like me muahahah xD

    Did you googled kizomba? What did you find out? Try kuduro too, its just as awful :p

  12. Lets hope he returns quickly from that break! :D

    Ok, i have no idea who Jesse Spencer is :$ Just googled him, so thats why his name was familiar! He is Chase! hehe, yeah, like him too! Agreed on WS, but David? Ever since i saw him in Angel i just cant find him hot, no idea why! Whats wierd is that until then, in Buffy i thought he was really cute :facepalm:

    I had no idea he was that tall and he was like a metre away from me! Shame on me, but i must confess when we was singing and put his hand under his shirt and made the heart beating move, i wanted to go on stage and hug him! Actualy more than that, but that part i will never totally admit, i still have reservations regarding his songs :p

    She hugged him? Now, i'm a little jealous! Cant believe i just wrote that!

    Kizomba its just dead awful! And i love to hate it xD

  13. Oh, so thats her name, i can never remember it! But more important, whats Alexis last name?? (He is a hottie :$:LOL:)

    Its not hot enough to go on my top 5 but he is quite cute! But, Jensen Ackles will always own my heart, as well as Johnny Depp and Edward Norton and how could i forgot Dommie?? Shame on me! :facepalm:

    It will be easier to go to the city when i have a car, but first i need to finish my license!!! --'

    I find easy to fly at night, because you dont feel like crap when you land (as much as possible) and time goes by very quickly! I remember in the trip back from NY, i only recall getting on the plane and the lift of and then when we arrived in Lisbon! I slept the all flight! 7 hours i think! :)

    Its discusting to see people starving while in the rich part of town snobs are eating caviar 24/7, i know im exaggerating (but not by that much!:()

    Love Beatles as much as Muse have to confess and they couldnt be any more different! But i really enjoy old music like AC DC, Queen, Bob Dylan, Nirvana and so on... I didnt really like Snow Patrol, actualy i hated them a little bit, but then i went to RiR and saw them because they were on before Muse and it wasnt all that bad! I enjoyed it far more than i could have ever imagined! I just think he says eyes too much and some songs are quite similar. However they seemed nice and the lead singer even gave me a hi5! hehe you should have seen all the jealous girls around me! xD

    I totally understand what you say, i like all different kinds of music, well almost, i dont really stand pop or kizomba, i have no idea how thats called in english sorry :( but its a crappy genre! hehehe

  14. Yeah, that was the name of the movie! Not that great, but i enjoyed looking at the guy, Alexis, shirtless :yesey: I also watched the wedding one a while back and it was funnier! And i dont get why she was supposed to be the uggly duck, in my life in ruins she looks really elegant and she wears gorgeous dresses! Even if to me she will always look a bit dorky :p

    I know its healthier but i would rather live in the city, i know i would miss the green and the nature but not as much as i miss the sounds and the life of the city right now!

    Chalkidiki? I laughed when i read that! Great name :D

    Portugal is much smaller than Greece so you dont have much to see, actualy you have, depending on what you want:culturAl or crazy vacations... My fav is a mist of both :p Lisbon is a very pretty city, the old part of the city is beautiful and you also have Oporto where one of the greatest wines ive ever tasted is made! And if you want the beach you have Algarve, but if you want nature you can try Açores, i mean Azores where on lucky days you can see wales! I sound like a travel agent :facepalm:

    Yeah, i love travelling! But i've never gone to Asia or New Zealand (one of my dream trips :D)

    Also would like to go to Holand, i mean Amesterdão must be a lot of fun! And Argentina and Ireland!! I would love to go global but i need a lot of cash for that, but i guess i should be grateful ive been to a lot of awesome places!

    Brazil was great but it made me a bit sad because theres a shouting contrast between rich and poor people, its like theres no middle class! Atleast i felt that way :(

    I'm on music strike too i guess, i only listen to like 3 songs a day! Its like i dont have patience to be with my phones on anymore, wierd!:$ One of them is Muse ofc! The other two usually are Beatles and ACDC according to the mood...

  15. Of course, Mars is step 2 and we shall leave it to Dom, the most beautiful wierdo IMO :eyebrows:

    Baby city is too flattering, trust me... Its too rural for me, i love the big cities! All the life and so many different people! But i guess the low crime rate and the quietness is nice too, its not all bad...

    So what is the most beautiful city in Greece? Wanna know a wierd coincidence? Just watched a movie about a tourist guide in Greece, played by Nia something i guess, and the movie showed all those beautiful monuments and those cute villages in hills where all the houses are white... :D

    I think all the big cities have an ugly part, Lisbon does too... But the good parts are just too many to be dismissed, i like the city quite a lot!

    And yes, i remember the final of Euro04, i remember my tears too... :LOL: Its been a while since i cried over soccer!

    I drank it in Brazil, it tasted so great! I also know the milk but i'm not very found of it... I actualy only like the water and a chocolate named Bounty, coconut itself isnt that appealing to me:(

    Well, when i went to uni i made awesome friends but the people that are there to me no matter what, as friends go, are the ones that i knew before and my bff today still is the one i went to high school with, even if she goes to uni in a different city... But i guess that if you live there is much more exciting!! Its all new! And you are right about people that come from a distance bonding! But i guess that college its just that, meeting knew people and learning what you love! :D

    Dom does snowboard, dont know about ski... But he must have an amazing balance! Of course he does, hes Dom!

    Have to make a shameful confession: I didnt listen to Muse in 3 weeks, i really needed a break! And now i seem to love CE even more if that possible :facepalm::LOL:

  16. Weirdo is cool, i'm one too! One day we will rule the world! *Burnsy laugh* :LOL: (so now, i'm a wierdo and a dork xD)

    That sounds awesome! Ecologic vacations! I live in a freaking village, but not like the one you described, we have phones, cable and wi fi... Its just the public transportation that sucks a bit --' The are only buses, no trains or subway, and they are not that regular :(

    I dont really enjoy living here but i cant move yet and all my friends live at home too because its not that far from Lisbon where we go to school but i wish i could live in the city!!

    Thank you! And when you come to Portugal tell me and i'll guide you through Lisbon, its a really pretty city! And we are nice people too... Athens must be beautiful, i wish i could go there! :(

    I'm more like the sun + the sea + coconut water or mojitos=pure hapiness! Even if i love my hot chocolate!! :yesey:

    Oh, sorry, i misunderstood... Sorry to know that, because i know its hard and because you always remember what it was like and it feels wierd :( I know because i also have an ex best friend, but i told her a piece of my mind a while back and now i think we are getting back on track, but it will never be the same :supersad: Christmas trips are awesome too, you can ski or snowboard! (like Dom*.*)

    Linsday used to be really cute but nowadays she looks sluty and all that drugs and the in and out of rehab made her look like she is way older than she really is... :(

  17. Wow, that sounds like a serious test for a serious illness! Happy everything is fine now! :D

    You live on a small village? I have no info, when i go on vacation i just shut down and then major stuff hapen and im lost :facepalm: (i also am an eco freak!! Just love fighting for Mother Nature!! Actualy it doenst feel like fighting at all, its just my normal self in action... A couple of years ago my nickname was Greenpeace, in a dorky way i was really proud of that :facepalm:)

    My bday is 3, i remember yours, because its also in the same day as 2 of my friends, so now i "know" 3 people on the 11th! Dont know you yet, but maybe someday when i go to Greece (i'm daydreaming hehehe, actualy its already night over here --')

    I'm also the one who decorates the tree, but my fav part is to offer gifts, i just love it! And my fathers bday is Dec 25th so its double party! :p

    It snowed here once but it wasnt on Christmas day i think... It was a few days later, but the magic was still on the air xD

    Beautiful, smart and blond? Boys seam to like that combo... Now i'm a bit jealous too XD

    Are you and your ex friends? Or was it a bad break up?

    Brunettes turned blond are total sell outs! Jeez!

    I just find red hair to be very sexy, always did... Not Ron Wesley (or is it Weasly i cant remember anymore) sexy though:LOL: In girls it looks hot, on boys not all of them can pull it off...

  18. 1 hour and a half??? Really? House is lying to me!! It looks like 10 minutes and then they find something awesome xD But well, you got to play SS in your head for a long time!

    Yeah, i think its bulldozer, is it really that loud?! Ok, i think i never want to do a MRI, you scared me xD

    Loved the reference, Redemption rocks! :D

    Seriously? I had no idea! The air in Russia is toxic? People are just so twisted :(

    So you have a pretty colour and you still love your winter self better? I love my summer self, short skirts , shorts, loads of beautifuly tanned skin showing! Everything is sexier! :LOL: Ok, i guess i'm a summer freak! (But i still love December! Best month ever, my bday (also Dom's and Chris') and a little thing called Xmas, i used to love it when i was younger, now the fever has passed but i still get nicer around that time! xD

    Yay! Brunettes have more personality imo! Blondes are super smart? Never met any that fits that description ;) No, and usually they are a bit cocky too... But maybe i'm talking to the wrong blondes, who knows... Dont be jealous! We, brunettes, are super smart too!! But i have to confess that i'm jealous of redheads! :$

  19. Hi! I'm back from the sunny Algarve! The Water was great, hot and with the right amount of waves :p

    I were with my family but a couple of friends were down there too so we used to hang out :) (i will go on vacations with them though, in September i hope! Its a bit wierd because i go on vacations with two different groups, my college girls (who i went to the fest with) and my high school awesome friends (some of them atleast, i know they are my friends but some can be really stupid, but i love them anyway --') and i feel like a sell out, i know its stupid because i fit in perfectly in both groups but its a bit wierd for me not have only one group of friends...

    I used to love the smell but now it just makes me feel a bit sick, it was 7 days on a role smelling that! But one never says no to pot! xD Wow, we are such rebels we belong on a freaking reality show (rated above 18! :LOL:) - i hate reality shows btw (most of them)

    Saskatchewan blew me away! Hehehe! Here the names are nothing out of the ordinary, i'm jealous lol

    Hope it works with the new guy!! And sorry about the other one.. So whats your type? Brown hair, blue eyes and awesomely high pitched voice oh did i forget rockstar and frontman (i hate this description, just because the is the lead singer doesnt mean he should be called frontman) of the amazing MUse?? xDD

    My cold is still around bah! :( I'm a lot better though!


    Ok, dont think i only listen to Muse or whatever but i only know the Arcade Fire by name i'm trying to remember one of their songs right now and i have nothing... Sorry :( But whats the name of the new album? (I'm going through my Beatles phase right now, it happens every single year, theres like a month when i can only or almost, listen to the kings of the 60s!!)

  20. Hi! I'm finally home!! Not that i didnt enjoy my holidays at the beach but i was there with my cousin and uncles and that boy just pisses me off... i know i shouldnt say this because he is family and all but he is so very spoiled :facepalm:

    good to know you are all better!!!! :D (I never had an MRI, how is it? This is just stupid HOUSE induced curiosity xD)

    I can not picture them in their 40s! Maybe because when they are 40, i'll be 27 (in Doms case at least). Time is going by very quickly :(

    I have no idea where to start looking or posting in the threads, seems like i was away for a year or something and now everything is changed (and i dont feel the same hehehe dont even know why i wrote that since i'm not such a Keane fan :facepalm:)

    Yeah, Portugal was on fire, and in some parts it still is :supersad: shrinks are even profiling arsonists now, apparently there are 4 kinds --' to me they are all one kind:stupid!

    Yeah, i remember Greece was on the news for weeks because of those fires, it looked so awful! :(

    Ohhhh, dont say that! My arms are all golden/light brown now! And i love it! But i know that i'm lucky because not everybody looks good tanned or even gets a good tan color, its wierd... Theres just one thing i dont like, my hair has these blond reflexions now --' But i'm still very very brunette! :LOL: (Sorry if you are blond, i dont think blonds are dumb or something like that, its just that i dont like to see it in myself! ) ;)

    Yay for your no limits internet!! :D

  21. Hi!! I've been in vacations so my answer comes a bit late...

    I went to this really cool festival here in Portugal and i camped for the first time in my life, this is a massive fail, i know xD

    Now i'm in Algarve, its the part of the country where people go to spend vacations at the beach, yesterday water was so

    hot like 28º i think!! :awesome: I'm gonna get so tanned!! yay! lol

    But all this summer talk is ment to say that the festival, Sudoeste was amazing when it came to drinking and smoking, i honestly smelled pot everywhere i turned! I love the smell but that was annoying by day5 xD It was great when it was my smoke though :LOL:

    So soon enough you will be getting so drunk you dont remember anything! :yay: no, seriously, that sucks! Dont know if that ever hapnd to you but it isnt that great...

    I'll drink less when school starts i think, because i wont go to this many parties and fests ohhhh i already miss the summer!

    Btw i have no idea where Alberta is in Canada, but that name kind of cracked me up lool

    Noooo, you should have said DOOOOOOM! xD Well, maybe not, Matt for you and DOM for me! xD Poor Chris though! So, Chris for both of us! :LOL:

    I dont get crushes either, but when i do (what happens like once every two years or more actualy, i really go crazy, until i end up breaking up with them IF we start dating... i get tired of guys if i hang out with them for too long, screwed up notion, i know...;)

    I have already made my mind about that dude and i dont want anything serious with him, surprise surprise :LOL: But what about you? How is the boy thing?

    Good to know you are better! Even if i have a cold now xD (Are we taking turns at this? lol)


    I think i lost the love too, but its coming back because i havent been here for over 2 weeks i think! It will come back for you too, i hope :D

  22. That happens to me a lot --'


    The MotP is a video with a green background, is there any other video?? (official)

    Drinking age here is 16, but i think they changed it to 18 recently, since i'm over 18 i dont really care anymore :p But what about Canada? I know in the states is 21, really long time to go without drinking (if you respect the law obviously xD)

    Today i'm not drunk, but i'm going out again so no guarantees... hehehe i love summer break!

    Yes i know YKYATMW, i think i spelled it right! I read such wierd things there :p

    I LOOOOVE Dom! Whos your fav? Or you like all 3 equaly?

    Well, my dod is a tiny thing (i love big dogs but he is so sweet!!) and the other one was tiny too, bigger than him though but still smallish... So they need a sex therapist because its not working xD

    Ohh, so thats what it means, yes, i'm five hours ahead, here its 21:00ish! So you are still enjoying a lovely sun and i'm about to have dinner xD

    About relations i set my mind like this a long time ago... I say all i want is fun but when i have a crush, i have a CRUSH! So theres nothing in between--'

    Yeah, when you only see each other like once or twice a month its hard... But if you see him all day long is was worse! (imo)

    I'm not leADING him on, i just like to make out with him and he doesnt want anything serious either, but probably he will end up breaking my heart than the other ay around... :(

    Sorry to know you are sick... Feel better!! :D

    (ooohhh, i love smileys!! :LOL:)

  23. Hi

    Thanks for letting me know!! :happy:

    I'll sign in and start cracking puzzles(if i can :LOL:)!

  24. Hi! Sorry for being a while since you last posted, i havent been home...

    :( Ohh, you were sick? Hope you are totally cured now! Was it serious?

    Nooo, i dont want Matt to have a kid just yet, even if i think his writing will be improved and we wont have such cheesy love songs! But then i feel like they are growing and i dont want them to! :( I feel like they are totally grown men and i'm a little girl :supersad:

    And when Dom decides to get married and have kids (if he dicides :LOL:) i'll be thrilled for him but i'll also be supersad inside! Its a bit stupid i know... :facepalm:

    And how came you hate tans? I love when i get all golden choco :LOL:

    Happy to know you enjoyed the thread, but apparently something happenned there while i was absent?

    You are only allowed 5-10 mins/day? That sucks... :(

  25. About the album, it comes in stages, first i was in love with Showbiz, i mean some people say its teenage raging and screaming music, i really love it though, but nowadays its Abso even if my favourite songs are from OoS, i think BLISS :awesome:, PiB, NB, CE are such amazing songs but as an album it lacks something to me, and Abso flows better i believe and Hysteria, FAWY, SS are such great songs tooo! MotP is a great song, and in the clip when Dom just goes from on edge of his kit to the other i'm in freaking heaven!!!

    I'm a bi tipsy right now, because i went out with my buds and when i came back the pc was on and a page open on the board --' so here i am, 4:30 in the freaking morning and im wrtng on the comp...

    Drunk rants are the best!!! yay!!

    I think the card thing was an expression, maybe im wrong... lol but he was being really nannoying!

    I wish i could (love this line hehe), but i dont think ill be able to move out soon :(

    Yeah, i wanted to go to Hogwarts so baddly when i was younger! I think i dreamed about it too, wierd... now i dream about Dom playing and kicking ass at gigs (as well as Matt and Chris i could never forget them!)

    Here when you finish high school you go to uni (like everywhere else xD) but you go right into Med school, you do 6 years i think and then you sre a doctor, but you still have to specialise and internship and stuff...

    My dog is quite stupid, poor doggy, he went fooling around with a bitch and now he needs stiches, sex injurie --'

    My time zone is London time, GMT? Dont know if thats it, dont care even... Have no idea what EST and EDT stand for?

    Aug 10th isnt that far! Soon you will be braces free! We will throw a party via web hehehe

    Wooo, boy you like, seems like summer fling to me ;):LOL:

    I dnt like boyfriends, or better said, i dont like that feeling of beinf tied down and to have to answer to anyone, im a free spirit XD

    But theres one guy with who i made out a couple of times that has potencial, lets see... Dont know if i want anything serious, i think i want to have fun until i'm like 25 and then look for a relationship, i know, im damaged --' :LOL:

    Soryy if i sound stupid but i'm not functioning at 100% right now :LOL:

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