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  1. Yeah, there's no pre-sale code for TODAY for me either! Apparently.. 😭 It sux ass really so much.. 🔥🍑 Wanted so very badly attend to the Berlin show. I wrote to Muse Store earlier but no anwers yet.. maybe they notice me this way? Worth a try but I doubt that this pre-sale is quite much over before I get answered.. lol.. and yes I bought ST in Super Deluxe cd/vinyl format.. with very expensive postage to Finland too. 😠 Hopefully I'm lucky on the general sale.. if I'm trying tix after this, don't know.. If one can't trust one's fave band anymore, then who you really can?! 🙄 💔💀
  2. I wish u a very happy bday, Matt! Hope u are having an amazing day! Wanna thank u for wonderful music and being such a great inspiration. Keep rocking!! <3
  3. Happy birthday Chris! Have a wonderful day!!
  4. Supremacy.. Then Panic Station.. And again Supremacy.. Panic Station.. Supremacy..!!!
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