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  1. Cheers cuzzy braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Hey man, happy birthday

  3. For me Abso > OoS/BH&R > Showbiz > TR > T2L Abso is first for me as songs like SS, TSP, SFA, Hysteria and the others on the album are great It was hard to separate OoS and BH&R as these are both really solid albums and are equal 2nd Showbiz just etched in before TR as the old stuff for me is still so great to listen to TR is placed above T2L as TR flows and sounds like an album compared to T2L with songs like Follow Me, Madness and Big Cheese and Save Me just dont do it for me, though i will admit Suprem, Survival, LS, Unsus and Animals do it some justice
  4. Bliss, SS, Hysteria, SFA, MotP, CoD, Fury? and any others there are so many possibilities but any of these would be gold
  5. everyone see's things differently, but agree with musekiddo and personally dont have T2L as one of my top favorite albums. Certainly some songs are great but as an album, it doesnt really cut it for me. i personally have: Absolution and OoS tied first BH&R 2nd Equal third is The Resistance and Showbiz and lastly T2L i find it hard to separate Absolution and OoS in terms of preference, both are excellent albums, BH&R has grown on me a lot and finally, TR and Showbiz are still better than T2L as albums Well thats my view
  6. agree they need to take a break or do something to boost up the muse mojo again, and everyone will have different views on this.... i think that songs like supremacy, animals and explorers are on the right track and what I kinda expected on this album but either more piano and especially awsum guitar riffs and awsum guitar in general in the next album, they need a good balance like many of their previous albums have where as this is just songs throw into an album Sometime bands have albums that aren't so great but after, they go on to make a better ones ?? not to say 2nd law is bad, its just lacking in some parts but still not bad....... thats me annyhow
  7. after watching it, dom doesn't seem all to happy during parts, especially when matt is in the studio and just after the WEE WEE WEE BOOOOOO part when matt looks at dom, he's shaking his head like 'Yeah' and then as soon as Matt's not looking, dom's prob thinking 'What the hell is this?? '
  8. Cant wait since seeing them in 2010 on their resistance tour, hope they pull out sum classics as done on the previous tour EPICNESS will be had and herd once again
  9. by the boards, I meant being on the boards to understand everything, where people are coming from, context..... and yeah but we all have different opinions/understanding/context about music and the way we relate to music ..... there can always be the 'general' or 'pwoper' view but we all have out own take on things but thanks anyhow
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