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  1. Thanks! I'm attending Friday's gig so I know it'll be a good one. Although I doubt it will top Tuesday's Setlist.
  2. ^ Bliss is a must. They have to perform this song!
  3. I don't know about everyone else but I'm taking public transit. I saw I would have to take the 161 bus and then walk like 10 min to the IZOD.
  4. Since I don't drive and IDK anyone with a car, I'm going by transit. I think you'll get a good spot. Yesterday with the line up someone had the idea of putting #s on the back of the hand so no one would skip. I was 36 and got there around 8:30. You should be okay
  5. Yeah! It was a good effort all around. I felt bad for Mickey Mouse it was so much fun though. IDK if I can do it again Friday :/. I'm taking a bus over there and don't want to be stranded.
  6. The best night of my life! I got there around 8:30 am in the line. I took a lot of pics of Chris and during UD I got to shake Matt's hand. He was trying not to laugh at me lol. I was screaming with excitement. How early will you be there? I'm planning on leaving my house @ 6:30. (I know it's insane) I'm traveling from the Bronx and just want a good spot like last night.
  7. I had on a navy blue peacoat. Trying to run with a light blue crossover bag. I looked like a lunatic running down that street.
  8. I remember CE. I'm hoping for Bliss. Last night at MSG was amazing! I had GA and ended up shaking Matt's hand. I was on Chris' side of the stage at barrier and at one point during the show I had my camera focused on him and he looked straight into the camera and smiled at me. I was so overcome with excitement, I started giggling like a school girl.
  9. I was there as well! I couldn't reach the car fast enough. By the time I reached Dom's car it drove off.
  10. This gig was incredible! I can't believe I got to hear dead star and sunburn played live tonight.
  11. How the hell did he meet Matt? I'm gonna try to meet the members on night 2.
  12. The gig was incredible but my section 102 was pathetic. One does not stay seated when muse takes the stage. The only true excitement I saw was during madness.
  13. Thanks everyone! I have seats for tonight's show and tomorrow I'm gonna be out there early in the morning. I want to be at barrier. I'm hoping to find other sleep deprived souls out there
  14. I received an e-mail from MSG stating that doors open @ 7 and the show begins @ 8.
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