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  1. Hiii!! Sorry for being so long since our last chat!

    Ive just been disconected i guess, i was like only Muse for a long while and then i thought: its enough! and i stopped with my Muse adoration for a while (i could never stop, i just diled it down a bit hehe) And i redescovered some of my other passions like The Beatles (once again, this Beatles stage now comes and goes every month its amazing), Queen, Nirvana <3, the AMAZING Stones! I guess i went back to the old days! And i understood i should have been born in 1955 or something like that!

    Btw, i gave Arcade Fire a listen and i liked some songs but i sorry to tell you i didnt fell head over hills in love with them ;)

    But how are you?? How is uni going? And is your internet problem solved yet? Hope you are doing great!

    My type is nothing like Dom, okay its quite similar except for the hair! I love brown hair, green eyes (his beautiful eyes are green but from time to time i see a picture where they look brown or even gray) and kind of skinny people! And his aventurous side is fascinating and very appealing to me hehehe :D

    Missed being around here! And sorry again for this super duper late reply!! :(

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