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  1. Hey!! So sorry that I'm now replying ridiculously late :p Wanna swap emails or something in case our love for Muse dies down again? haha Same thing happened to me, but I was listening to them just now and I thought I'd visit the board :)


    How are you?? How's school?


    I'm good, Uni's good. I'm going to Germany in May!! How cool is that?! haha I'm super excited :)

    I know what you mean about just listening to other bands, that happened to me with Florence + the Machine and Editors. But The Beatles are great and I like Nirvana :)


    Happy New Year! <3

  2. That's cool! I still haven't met anyone who lieks them.. actually, I was over at a friend's house and one of his housemates had a Muse sweater on!! :awesome:

  3. hey, did you get my reply??

  4. Hey, sorry for the super late reply! I don't have internet at the moment (stupid university apartment) and I'm not sure when I'll be getting it :(

    How's school?

  5. Soooo sorry for the late reply!! I'm glad you had a good time on vacation!! :) Nah, that's not selling out at all haha. Everyone I know has at least two sets, university and highschool friends!

    LOL you''re hilarious :p I smoked some with my uncle (he's a year older than I haha not some creepy old uncle or something :p) and I had the most horrible panic attack :(

    So do I, they're all so dumb and pointless... like Jersey Shore.. argh

    To you they aren't, but to me I'm sure they're nothing but ordinary :p Saskatchewan is normal to me :p

    Matt is EXACTLY my type :p Seriously.. dark hair, blue or brown eyes and not skinny but not HUGE you know? I hate super muscular guys. What's your type? Blond hair, brown eyes (what colour are his eyes?? I can't tell) and awesomely tight, vibrantly coloured pants? :p

    I'm sure it's gone by now though how? How are you feeling? Have you started school yet?


    Their new album is called The Suburbs! You should listen to them! I'd start with Funeral though.. it's absolutely amazing! I like the Beatles but I don't know that many of their songs :o


    Okay so, here's what happened. I went on vacation to Jamaica right? And didn't use the internet there.. and then I moved into my apartment (I go to university in another city) AND WE DON'T HAVE INTERNET! I'm so annoyed, you have no idea :( and I felt so bad for not answering in so long!! How are you?

  6. I know right?! I practised like mad though!


    Xbox 360.. it's my brothers. Do you play Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

  7. YES!!! I get way too excited when I play it now haha. I got 100% on expert on Plug in Baby too :happy:

  8. No worries, how are the beaches?! :) hope you're having a great time

    LOL haha massive fail for you but it's on my checklist of things to do before I die :p

    I'm so jealous! Are you with a bunch of family or friends? Or both? Taking a ridiculous amount of pictures I can imagine :p

    Really? I hate the smell lmao. But I do smoke it too :p We're rebels!!

    Yup it's happened.. and my friends took a bunch of photos to remind me of what happened.. :stunned:

    It's funny how you party more in the summer and I party more during the school year :p

    Really? LMAO We have funnier names here like Medecine Hat, Saskatchewan and many more lol

    You can have Dom, but yes Matt for ME and only me ;) Chris is so big he can be shared :p

    I'm actually the same, if I hang out with someone for too long, he/she starts to annoy me for no reason at all. It's really not fair but I can't help it!

    You'll find someone, I'm sure :) Are you just friends now? The boy thing for me is pretty much non existent right now.. that one guy I told you about? Just really not my type at all, I couldn't even make myself kiss him :p I'm seeing someone else right now.. let's see how that works out haha

    Oh no! On vacation too!! Hope you're feeling better now though. We playing "Cold" Hot Potato :p


    It's back a bit. I know why it's gone.. my other favourite band, Arcade Fire, just released a new album so that has been monopolising my ears haha. And I saw them play on Saturday (WHICH WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!) So yeah, I'm in an AF mode right now :happy:

  9. Argh!! I posted my reply on my wall by accident lmao.. sorry!


    LOL I love how "Canadian" has now turned into a Muse reference :p I'm playing Guitar Hero 5 right now, and of course I chose matt as my player! I keep squeeing each time they show him!

  10. But don't you listen to music and stuff at church/mosque/synagog (I dunno what religion you are :p)?

    Haha well we know what the best lyric is "Royal Canadian blended!!":chuckle:

  11. Hahaha I was like WTF when I saw my username in my messages lmao


    Oh yeah okay that one.. I don't like that video so much because MotP sounds different.. they didn't do it very well I think :( And MotP is my favourite Muse song!

    It's 18 in Montreal and Alberta and 19 in every other province and territory! So i became legal this year but who doesn't drink before the legal drinking age? LOL

    I've only gotten drink like twice this summer lmao. It's not as "bad" when you can legally do it! I think that's why I don't care so much anymore.. I'll prob drink more when school starts.

    I haven't had a BIG YKYATMW moment.. but I do excite more excite than I should if I hear Muse playing somewhere or if I hear the word Muse :p


    They're going to a sex therapist?! :LOL:

    Hahaha the lovely sun.. it's BOILING here! I'm meltinggg

    I never seem to get crushes.. but yeah seeing someone, anyone all day long is never good! You get sick of the person lmao.

    Oh no :( Well you know how the rship is so maybe don't let yourself be in the position to get your heart broken ?

    I'm all better now!!!


    I don't know why but I've seemed to have lost my Muse board love.. :(

  12. I'm such a bad fan.. I don't own any of their albums :( Shh!! :chuckle: I get around to it though.. OoS is first on the list!

    Dec 26, that's perfect! Ask for it for christmas and then something else Muse related for your birthday :p Or vice versa lol

  13. When's your birthday? Where did you find it? :awesome:!! I want 100 pages of Matt glory :p

    Because HMV like to rip people off :noey:

  14. all of the smileys got erased :( Oh well.

  15. I'm an idiot!! I replied to myself :p Here's the reply haha


    I never liked Showbiz that much, but I've warmed to a lot of the songs since I've fisrt listened to it. Really, now that I think about it, it's probably tied fro me between Abso and Oos. Which clip is that?

    Hahaha hope you had fun!! What's the drinking age in Portugal (you're from portugal right??)

    I'm surprised you can formulate sentences :p WHen I get drunk, I can't even type something that makes sense.

    Are things better with him now ?

    Hahah you know you're an obsessive muser when :p No?

    I will get to see Hogwarts dammit! It's not fair how she made such an amazing place and it's all fake You really like Dom don't you? :p

    Oh yeah here you go to uni after highschool, then you go to med school which is 4 or 5 years I can't remember.. and then you have to do your internship and all that fun stuff.

    LOL sorry but that really made me laugh!! Was the dog huge or something?

    Eastern standard time and eastern daylight time I think, but I figured it out because you said you wrote this message at 4:30am and I got it at 11:30pm. So you're 5 hours ahead?

    Okay haha who's bringing the booze?? :p

    Probably ahah it's hard to make things last through the school year, especially when you go to different schools

    Yeah I know what you mean.. but I guess you gotta set the rules then?

    LOL don't lead the poor boy on :p Have as much fun as you want, you only live once right?

    You don't sound stupid haha just a bit tipsy :p I'm sick I got a cold

  16. Can you? Thanks for letting me know :) Ask for it for a gift or something haha.

  17. So did I! It was one of the first Muse songs I heard, and I couldn't stand it! :chuckle: Favourite album is without a doubt OoS, and favourite song is MoTP :) What about you? Try your hardest :p

    Haha I'll definitely take advantage of being stuck out to sea with a bunch of boys :LOL:

    He's playing the card? What does that mean? I'm sorry to hear that though :( It'll pass, my mom randomly becomes unbearable too. Are you actually thinking about moving out?

    Yeah I really don't know, we'll see!

    No, I haven't even finished my bachelor's yet :p How does university work over there?

    Oh no, I'm sorry :p I remember when I turned 11, I checked the mailbox every single day for a Hogwart's letter! Haha to be honest, I'm still waiting :eek: I know it's real dammit! I think the writing is very good! Especially because it's all ages :p What are your favs?


    Yay I'm glad! I was worried! Where did you find him and why did he need stitches? :o

    The past couple of days have been better thanks :) Have they been good for you? What's your time zone? Mine is EST I think... yeah but right now we're observing daylight saving time so it's EDT.


    The ortho sucks! He changed it to aug 10th haha but still! Not that far away :) No boyfriend :p But I have been talking to this guy I really like :chuckle: Do you have one?

  18. I still haven't seen HAARP! Terrible fan, I know. I'm determined to go out and buy it like this week :chuckle:

    But hey, that's a good way to spend your time :p

    I've been good :) Really bored.. how about you?

  19. :( I'm a sucky friend.

    Gah did I say I love it? I exaggerated a bit there haha I don't mind it :p Takes a bit long to start imo

    YAY! I knew you could do it :) Did you still decide to redo any of them? I'm totally jealous! I want beaches and festivals and cool holidays :( I am going on a cruise though, so that should be fun! :D

    Aww I'm sorry, what happened with your dad? Usual parent stupidness?

    So you were only there temporarily then right?

    But that's the thing, pediatric medicine is so interesting to me, I just don't care much for the actual kid part of it :p That'll probably change though, or I find another concentration that I like better. You wanted to be a peds surgeon? That's awesome! I don't think I have steady enough hands

    :o :o :o.... :O How can you watch the movies instead of read the books?!?! :chuckle: I'm being overly dramatic but still :o!! I'm re reading all of them in order.. I'm currently at book number 3 lol


    Still haven't found him? :( I'm sure he'll turn up! I hope you feel better :) :hug:

    I'm good. Didn't do anything today so it was pretty boring. Watched movies and surfed the net a bit. Good news! I'm getting my braces off tomorrow!!! I've had them for 4 years. FOUR! It's been too long :chuckle:

  20. Oh really? YAY I thought it was my computer and I wasn't going to go out and buy it. haha. So how are you?

  21. I used to haaaaaate Invincible, but I love it now, that solo is :awesome:

    Aw I listen to Screenager when I'm feeling down, it's so nice and mellow. I don't know but I don't like it :( Probably one of my least faves

    It should be, but hey at least some people are being exposed to some good music, if not only for a little while


    LOL it's been a while since I replied (sorry) have they marked it yet?

    That doesn't sound so bad, but kids can be messy with food haha. Hvae any food fights broken out yet? :p

    No worries I feel the exact same way. I mean I don't hate them but I'd prefer to not have to deal with them (funny becasue I want to be a pediatrician.. how does that work out? :p )


    Really?! HAHA he was cute when he was younger but now not so much :chuckle:


    So how are you? :happy:

  22. Well I guess it depends. Tell him to download a crack torrent of it and see if the fast forward works for him. It might just be my computer

  23. Throw in Invincible and Starlight after that trio and I think many people in the audience would spontaneously combust :p

    I like GL! I dunno why aha. And Screenager!! :eek: how can you not love Screenager? Some songs I don't like are Sober, TIRO (overplayed it), ToaDA and most of their demo stuff. But I guess that doesn't really count lol

    Aww that's a good image :) I'll listen to them forever too. They're just too amazing


    A mystery because they haven't marked it yet or because they won't tell you your mark?

    Good for you! I should get a job but I'm just too lazy. What do you do at this job?


    You like Harry Potter?! Is there a hug icon? lol :D

    A restart always gets mine back in order :chuckle:

  24. was it good? That last 3D movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland. but I'm getting kinda tired of 3D


    Really? How is the fastforwarding? I downloaded sims 3 + crack (bad me) and it didn't fastforward for me :( got really boring having to wait for the sim to wake up or finish work lol

  25. LOL fail :p 7 glorious books! You should read them! They're amazing, but I've found that the fanatical love for Harry Potter is mostly with people my age. I tried getting my sister and brother to read them and they won't


    Which movie? Lemme know how sims 3 is! I have sims 2 but I don't want to get sims 3 and have to restart everything lol. I have a matt sim too :chuckle:

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