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    MUSE, Music, anime, manga, pop culture, sci fi, Doctor Who, bla bla bla.
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    MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE. Hehe. +Placebo, Radiohead and moreeee.
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    I has the showbiz vinyl. Ummm... I have all of their all of their CD'S. Excluding singles and rares. Just the albums :) Hullaballoo and HAARP Toooooo.
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    Saw them BDO Brisbane '10 and will be seeing them December '10 Entertainment Centre Brissyy <3
  1. Ahhh gosh, thanks so much. I'm so cut, they got my hopes up and everything. I just emailed all the winners and am hoping to get some sort of first hand response... Bleh, oh well. Thank you for your time.
  2. Okay, I am the girl who posted the glasses Plug In Baby contest video and Muse has posted my video as a winner, Yay! But, The video Hits website has not posted my video at all... And I haven't been contacted as to where to claim my prize. Can anyone help with this? I am pretty sure I didn't win now, and am freaking out. What do I do? Thank you in advance, Rica.
  3. Hey so lets get this clear, GOLD RESERVED is seated yes? Becaaaaause I wanna be in the mosh lmao. There are is a gold standing option too. Is the gold sideview and gold rear view also seated? I swear to god if the little Twilight "Omg I love that Twilight band" people go spastic and buy all the tickets I will go apeee. All of their old and true fans deserve first preferrence and stuff here dammit! WE'VE WAITED SO LONGG! (Excluding Big Day Out of course cause that wasn't their own tour) but yeah. Pumped.
  4. Anyone thats going to the Brissy show, whats the difference between Gold reserved and Gold standing? Like... Is reserved seating? OOhhhh and silver?HAHA I never go to the Entertainment Centre! IM SOOOOO PUMPED THOUGH. THANK YOU MUSE FOR FINALLY COMING BACK <3 Looking forward to it so much. Anyway. Anyhelp would be gladly appreciated =] <333
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