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    MUSE! obvs... Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, You me at six, Lady Gaga..
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo CD, Absolution CD + DVD, Black Holes & Revelations, HAARP CD + DVD, The Resistance and Many muse books (:
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    L.C.C.C 4/9/10
  1. Cool. I have photos on my facebook , I'll send a link to it if you want.

  2. it was!!! ;D best night of my life!!!

    i'll put some pictures on soon ;D

  3. Ditto on the speaker. Deve2k has a good sized speaker and we've made a "Manchester Jam" playlist on spotify for the day :) .I received my glowsticks from eBay now :cool: I'm offcially prepared..oh wait, train tickets :facepalm:

  4. You'll probably find me listening to my portable speaker listening to muse ;D woo! Pasta and Bananas FTW!! Not carrots though ;)

  5. Lucky you :D you'll probably find me with three others sitting around eating lunch. Pasta and bananas for the win !

  6. aww cool, you'll see me then xD i'm getting there by car.. i convinced my mum to take me xD

  7. I'm getting there for about 12 .going to be sitting outside until the doors open. I'm getting there by train hen bus/ tram so hopefully I won't get lost :)

  8. heyyah (: it's 10 days until my muse concert!! o.O i bet your excited for wembely?? (:

  9. i am so getting glowsticks! ;D what time are you gonna get there for?? i have no idea when to get there for but i wanna be near the front (:

  10. Yep, not very far at all. Feels weird that it's so close. It's going to be awesome.Are you going to get glowsticks ? :D

  11. Hi!! :D it's not that far away anymore!! o.O

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